Haris Baloch, The Brain Behind Rifikao Media – The Biggest Media Comapany in Balochistan

BusinessHaris Baloch, The Brain Behind Rifikao Media – The Biggest Media Comapany...
Haris Baloch, The Brain Behind Rifikao Media
Haris Baloch

Achieving big things in life is a dream of most of us but only a few of us can achieve it at such a young age as Haris Baloch. That kind of achievement requires a lot of dedication and hard work and that is exactly what Haris Baloch has given. With that dedication, he now stands as the youngest entrepreneur in Pakistan. His story started out when he started his own Facebook page because according to him it was a growing social media platform at that time. He now owns his own media company known as the Rifikao Media. Haris Baloch with his increasing number of followers expects to reach 20 million followers by the end of 2020 which is a huge achievement for someone especially his age.

His inspiration behind all this was his dream to start his own businesses. But he didn’t just do a nosedive in the business industry but started out through Facebook. According to him, Facebook was the only social media he used. During his university years, he mentally prepared himself to start up his own business and Rifikao Media is one of the businesses he started. Also, in that period, he learned all the parts of this social media platform and how it can be used to his own benefit.


To him in order to start such kind of business, you should have the research methodologies to help yourself discover what will be trending in the near future. To him, all his work gets him excited and is the reason for waking up every morning. When you put your heart in your work just like Haris Baloch you can achieve your goals faster too.

How he made his business grow to this point?

To Haris Baloch engaging with the audience is the best way to manage your media business. Another secret to his successful business is dedication and consistency. There will be many ups and downs when you choose such a path but your persistence is what that helps you grow. Be the type of audience is very important. According to him, profiling the audience can help you understand which type of audience you need to target the future if you haven’t decided already.

What’s his advice to other people?

According to him if you decide to start your social media website and want to make your content viral you have to understand your niche first. When you understand your niche that you and your potential audience might be interested in. this way you will be able to make your content viral. Also, make sure to post a lot at least until you have achieved your target following goal. During posting a lot you also will have to give it a lot of time by engaging with your audience. This way you can make your audience like you better. Another advice from him to young talent is that you should cross-promote your pages. You should find the pages of the same niche as yours and then promote each other’s content.

What according to him has made him better than others?

Haris Baloch as stated by himself likes to believe a saying by Socrates “I know, that I know nothing” followed by another phrase “But others don’t know that”. Once you understand that you can achieve your goal very easily. Along with that, he says that he tries to think what he does and why he doe and that has helped him a lot throughout his journey.

What is Haris Baloch’s motivation?

Hairs Khan’s motivation is his need to create a positive impact. According to him of money is your driving force and you make a lot of it you can give some of it away to the projects and causes that you support. Self-motivation according to him is also very important and it develops your personality. Haris Baloch also says that they have their own development plan for the Rifikao media which consists of only 5 employees for now but he plans to increase this number to 20 by 2020.


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