Hania Amir Says She Is The Most ‘Farigh’ Of All

Hania Amir Makes Fun Of How She’s Killing Her Time These Days


Hania’s Instagram account, especially her stories, is the light in our gloomy days currently. Her sense of humor, behind the scenes of all the fun she is doing, gives us a sense of joy and hope in this hard time too. Once again, Hania Amir has shared what she is up to during the Corona lockdown and we are definitely in the laughing fits.

Hania Says She Is The Most ‘Farigh’ Of All

What Is She Doing These Days?

Hania in her stories recently shared that she is the most ‘farigh’ of all. In a couple of stories, she told everyone that she has almost nothing to do these days. This is why, she said that when there was nothing to do, she went on YouTube and started guessing the flags of different countries and the logos of different brands.

She says it doesn’t matter how many people are free and how free they are, they cannot be freer than her right now. She also said that she spent two hours guessing the flags and half hour guessing the logos. Hear for yourself, Hania sharing the story of her boredom:


She Accidently Burps In The Video

You know, our audience has to react to everything, and they sure did on Hania’s video too. While sharing the story of her (and almost everyone’s life in the lockdown) she might have accidentally burped. People were so quick to point that out and flood her DMs as if she has done something natural.

The burp in itself was so unnoticeable that we could not even understand where it happened. Could you notice it, if yes do let us know in the comments? Meanwhile, here is how Hania herself shared the reaction on her stories:


What Has Hania Amir Planned More?

Other than randomly killing her time on guessing flags and logos on YouTube, the Janaan star has some fun stuff for YouTube planned as well. She also asked her audience about when she should post her new Vlog on YouTube. She also shared that she is impatiently waiting for Ishqiya’s new episode, as it is her only light in the day during these times.

Well, with the lockdown and not being able to go out due to the pandemic, we all can understand the boat Hania is sailing in right now. It is so hard to kill time productively with the monotonous routines we have. Are you all spending your time similar to Hania Amir or you have better ideas in mind?

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