Hania Amir Reunited With The Love Of Her Life

Hania Amir is always on the news, and always because of one crispy news or the other. People are interested to know more about their favorite actress, as she has gained quite popularity over time. Among all the other things, her love interest and who is she dating are always the talk of the town. Men aside, Hania’s priorities are very much aligned with who she wants to give attention to right now.


Hania Amir Reunited With The Love Of Her Life

Don’t know what I am talking about? Continue reading to find out who is on the top of Amir’s list of people she misses the most.

Who Did Hania Amir Reunite With?

As we all know, Hania Amir was recently traveling to Lahore and Islamabad for work projects. Even though with the personality she has, she finds fun in everything, there was someone the actress was missing the most. Now, finally, since she is back in Karachi, she has united with the love of her life. Confused as to who he is? Check her latest post to find out!

Yes, Amir is very much in love with her pet dog who she calls Eleven. When she travels for work, she obviously leaves him behind and misses him so much. Now that she has back, she dedicated an entire post to him. We know how Eleven makes entry to her Instagram every now and then. She also posted stories cuddling with her cute pet dog, and it is all sorts of adorable. Here is the video of the stories:

What Is She Up To These Days?

Apart from having fun with her dog and rejoicing on the reunion, Hania Amir also had a get together with friends after coming back from Lahore and Islamabad. She met with Ashir Wajahat and Walid Siddiqui and they all had a fun time together. These two make their entry in her stories having fun and enjoying together like friends from time to time.

The crazy trio was having all sorts of fun together last night, and this video from Hania’s stories is the testament to that:

Well, we do finally know how much Hania Amir loves her dog and how he is irreplaceable. All those who have pets can definitely connect to her because obviously pets before anyone and anything else. And when you have a pet as adorable as Eleven, why won’t you miss him?

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