Is Czech Embassy in Islamabad hiding facts about kidnapped tourist girls?

AfghanistanIs Czech Embassy in Islamabad hiding facts about kidnapped tourist girls?

Hana Humpaloia and Antonie Chrastecka kidnapping

Agha Iqrar Haroon

Islamabad: Mystery shrouds why Czech Embassy in Islamabad kept refrains from sharing information with Pakistani Media, International media and even with families of victims about any investigation or contact of kidnappers established with Embassy. First of all a special page on facebook that was dedicated to girls and their case of kidnapping became inaccessible/ disappeared when it had around 16,309 likes.


This page address was as follow:
Hanka a Tonča Domů | Facebookča-Domů/434819776601323
Hanka a Tonča Domů. 16,309 likes • 35 talking about this. (CZ) Dvě české dívky Hanka a Tonička se v březnu 2013 vydaly na společnou cestu do Indie. Tou

This facebook page was linked on a special page uploaded by their friends. This page updating was also stopped reasons only known by those who were updating this page regualrly for some days and then disappeared. One can see this page and link to facebook at the bottom of the page but this facebook page is inaccessible since long.

See the the link of special page that was posted by friends of kidnapped girls as follow:

A video appeared on Youtube and then disappeared or deleted about these girls in the confinement of Taliban. On Jun 27, 2013 a video was uploaded by theworldvideos1 at youtube that of these two girls. The Czech foreign ministry held meetings to check the voice in the video pleads for the release of neuroscience Dr. Aafia for release of Czech tourists kidnapped in Pakistan. If such video was uploaded on Youtube on June 27, 2013, how Embassy or Czech government miss this video although it was reported in the media in Pakistan?

Video address was



Now Czech Foreign Ministry claims that a video was received by Islamabad Embassy on August 23, 2013 but despite of having video Embassy did not share it with Pakistan or international media although Taliban released this video already months ago. Clothing of girls are different in new video then previous one. So Czech authorities know that there are two videos.
The Czech Foreign Ministry after a delay of around two months after receiving video message of girls released on October 30, 2013 and accepted that video was delivered to the Czech Embassy in Islamabad and was released to the media at the request of the families of the victims. Sources claim that Czech Embassy was contacted by kidnappers already in May but there are no credible facts available to confirm this information. Everything is in mystery in this case, people believe in Islamabad. Sources claimed when Czech Embassy did not respond to this video to Taliban then they released it on Youtube.
In next video hostages spoke separately and one said the video was taken Aug. 23, 2013. It may be mentioned that Pakistani newspapers ran this story indicating that Taliban have released video of kidnapped girls and demand Dr. Aafia for release of these girls but strangely Czech government is still insisting that identity of kidnappers are unknown. Czech President Milos Zeman said earlier this month the two were being held on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan and officials were negotiating in hopes of getting them released.


New Video Photo indicating different cloths of previous video appeared on youtube
New Video Photo indicating different cloths of previous video appeared on youtube

In this video Hana Humpálová mostly talks in English and said that her health is deteriorating.

“My health is not stable, especially for food and water, and getting worse,” he says in the video with the fact that he does not know how long it will last. He even describes how he wishes to be buried.  “I’m afraid also of his friend who was with me, because I do not know if he’s alive or not,” she adds.

Then Antonie Chrástecká talks and appealed to Czech government to cooperate with the kidnappers and helped her to get home.

“Please put pressure on the Pakistani government to cooperate with my captors. Give them what they want. Help me, please get home soon,” he says in the video.

New Video can be viewed at IDNES website to click this direct link   It may be mentioned that there were two video one that came on surface at youtube in June and the other one is this because clothing of girls are different in both videos.

This saga has many questions regarding the conduct of Czech embassy in Islamabad from the very first day this unfortunate incident took place.

Just after a week of kidnapping, mysterious silence of Czech Embassy in Islamabad for not responding any media inquiry and silence of Czech Interior ministry in Prague had reasons to believe that kidnappers might had contacted authorities for ransom.  Diplomatic circles were of the view that case of kidnapping Czech female tourists was becoming similar to kidnapping of Swiss couple last year from same route because in this case, Swiss authorities became salient for almost for eight months. Couple was abducted in July 2011 and was released on March 15, 2012. The couple — Daniela Widmer and David Och was abducted by Taliban who also kept silent and did not take responsibility unless the deal was established and money was paid and couple was released. It may be mentioned that couple after release claimed that they escaped from the Taliban upon reaching a military checkpoint near the city of Miranshah in North Waziristan, a tribal region in northwest Pakistan but spokesman for the Pakistan Taliban, Ihsanullah Ihsan, in a press statement confirmed that couple was released after a council of elders was convened. While sources confirmed that couple was released after giving ransom but Swiss government did not accept that it gave any ransom money.
Interior Ministry of Pakistan had feelings that there was possibility of contact between Czech authorities and kidnappers as they did in the case of Swiss couple when abductors directly established contact with families of Swiss couples and authorities of Switzerland last year.

Driver of bus from where Czech girls were abducted said that kidnappers were riding in Toyota Land Cruiser and forced women to sit in the back seats and five people sat on either side of them.
Mun0 Khan informed media bus started its journey from the Iranian border at around 3:30 p.m. and reached the spot of kidnapping around 5:25 p.m. “They [the kidnappers] waved at the bus from around 500 meters away [and ordered it] to stop. Two of them came from the right and five others from the left side. The five [who approached from the left] were wearing uniforms and the two [on the right side] were in plainclothes. One of them was holding a wireless set. I thought they were security men who were checking the bus. Then two of them came inside the bus and took the AK-47 away from the guard [a man guarding the women] and had them all [the guard and the two Czech women] get off the bus”, Muno Khan claimed.
Driver informed media that women were sitting in the front seat and kidnappers spoke to them in English. Then the conductor removed their luggage. I asked if they had some more things with them. And the women said, “Yes.” Then they went back into the bus and took their remaining luggage. Five kidnappers were wearing uniforms and the two were in plainclothes. One of them was holding a wireless set.
Then two of them came inside the bus and took the AK-47 away from the guard [a man guarding the women] and had them all [the guard and the two Czech women] get off the bus.

It may be mentioned that two Czech girls kidnapped in Pakistan were going to India and both took land route because they had less money for air travel, claims family sources. Both girls studied psychology and special education at the college. They both began to engage in social work. They had plans to stay in India for two months.


Hana Humpaloia

Antonie Chrastecka

Czech tourists Hanka and Tonc

czech tourists video

Czech tourists kidnnaped


hanka a tonca

Hanka and Tonc

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