HAI holds co-curricular competitions among students of 772 public sector schools in AJK

PM Raja Farooq Haider to honor winners of state level competitions

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan: Regional level co-curricular competitions among the students of public sector high and higher secondary schools of Azad Kashmir culminated at the capital city Muzaffarabad. Girls outshined boys and set new bars in the realms of declamations and development of wall magazines.

Ceasing the opportunity with both hands, the students of public sector schools, no more known for quality education and encouraging environment, stunned the audience with their amazing declamation and story-telling skills, art work and production of wall magazines. It was first ever in the history of Azad Kashmir that students of all public sector schools were involved in such co-curricular competitions.img_8439

The competitions were held under the auspices of EHSAS Quality Education Project, run by a non-governmental organization Human Appeal International (HAI) in collaboration with the government of Azad Kashmir at 772 high and higher secondary schools in the area. They were divided into three phases namely Cluster Level, Regional Level and Azad Kashmir Level.

The schools were divided into 42 clusters, each one of them comprising 18 schools. Top three positions holders of the competitions at this level made their way to the regional level competitions. The regions comprise Muzaffarabad, Mirpur and Poonch. The winners of regional level completions qualified for the  the grand competition to be held at Muzaffarabad, with prime minister of AJK Raja Farooq Haider gracing the occasion as chief guest.

The winners of the competitions at different levels were rewarded with hefty cash prizes, certificates and.

Initiated last year, the project was aimed at personal and promotional development of students and teachers alike across Azad Kashmir in an attempt to bring public sector schools in the area at par with the private sector quality institutes. It benefitted over 100,000 students and 12,000 teachers, apart from raising a whole lot of 2,300 education trainers in Azad Kashmir.


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