Hacks For Long Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

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Hacks for long battery life

Smartphones have become a necessity for almost all of us. It is not just a device that we use to digitally meet and greet people. It helps us do various important tasks like reading or creating documents, marketing products, working, shopping, and communicating. This increased dependency makes us futile when the smartphone’s battery dies. Imagine you had to make an important business call, but you are out of battery. So, you are definitely in need of hacks for long battery life of your smartphone.

Hacks For Long Battery Life

Apart from a fast processor, high-quality camera, attractive design and a bigger display, the battery is the most important thing. No one wants to keep the phone plugged into a charger forever to have the 90s landline feeling. So, we have some basic hacks for the long battery life of your smartphone.

Use Airplane Mode
Hacks for long battery life

The Airplane Mode option is best when you are travelling. If you are on a vacation and giving a break to yourself, give some breaks to your smartphone as well. Put it on Airplane Mode when you are travelling for a vacation or where there is no network connection.

Any phone loses its battery even if it is not in use. So, save your battery by putting your phone on Airplane mode. It will operate efficiently without worrying about charging on long journeys.

Turn off Background Apps

Hacks for long battery life

Nowadays there are smartphones with efficient processors that run multiple apps at once without worrying about the battery. But, if you do not have one, leave your habit of not closing the apps.

By avoiding the habit of not closing the background apps, you can enhance the lifespan of your phone’s battery.

Take Care of the Temperature

The temperature of your phone is really important for the battery. Neither the temperature has to be too cold nor too hot. Mild temperatures ensure that your phone’s battery lasts for a longer time. When you are outside, keep your phone away from direct sunlight or frosty cold.

Your phone slows down and consumes more battery when the external temperature is low or you are using too many apps at once. If left uncatered, the heating may cause irreparable damage to your smartphone. So whenever you feel your phone is getting heated up, close the running apps and give it some time to cool down. It will affect your battery longevity to a larger extent.

Turn Off Apps, Notification, and Vibration Mode

Our social media and other apps are constantly working. So, whenever we get a notification, our phone wakes up which consumes the battery. So, keeping the notifications on or putting your phone on vibration causes your phone to eat battery even when you are not using it.

Therefore, one of the easiest hacks for long battery life is to keep the apps close, put your phone on silent and turn off notifications. If you depend on notifications, only turn on the important ones so you do not miss out on something crucial.

What To Do When Your Battery Is Low?

The above-mentioned hacks for long battery life do not promise that your battery will not go down. However, they make sure that it lasts longer. But, if your battery goes down to 10 per cent, you need to do a few things so you make the most out of less.

When your phone is about to die, turn on power saving mode and try to use it less. As soon as you see a charging booth, put your phone on Airplane mode so it charges faster. Airplane mode is efficient in fast charging because your phone stays in sleep mode and does not use any antennas. So, it charges better.


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