Guidelines for management of Cattle Markets on Eid-ul-Azha

NationalGuidelines for management of Cattle Markets on Eid-ul-Azha

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The NCOC (CDC-NIH) deliberated upon the management of Cattle Markets under COVID-19 protocols to prevent disease spread amid Eid-ul-Azha during the second week of July 2022.

The detail guidelines/health protocols for subject purpose are appended below:

  • Cattle Markets be established outside the municipal limits of cities, where unavoidable, these may be established within the city’s municipal limits, in open spaces and away from the residential area. However, where established, must have out perimeter/fence and strict control to have entry and exit from the authorized points only. Animal and human density must be regulated to suit COVID-19/health protocols/SOPs.
  • Number of Cattle Markets be increased, while size in kept small. c. No sale/purchase of sacrificial animals be allowed inside cities.
  • Respective district/tehsil administration will ensure that only vaccinated vendors and staff are allowed/employed at Cattle Market.
  • Onus of ensuring SOP’s compliance especially wearing of masks by all entering in Cattle Markets should rest with operator/contractor of Cattle Market.
  • Availability of masks and hand sanitizers at the entrance of Cattle Markets be ensured by respective management.
  • Elders (persons over 50 years of age) and children (under 10 years of age) should be discouraged to visit Cattle Markets.
  • Availability of veterinary doctors be ensured at each Cattle Market to check animal health at the entrance.
  • Elaborate sign posting/guidance arrangement to be ensured to prevent overcrowding/smooth management of activities.
  • Strict compliance will be ensured by district/tehsil administration and Cattle Market management for adherence to social distancing and wearing of masks.
  • On-site continuous awareness campaign will be ensured by displaying banners/panaflexes and announcements etc.
  • Endeavour should be made to minimize physical touching/checking of animals.
  • Availability of water and arrangements of shade etc. will be ensured at each Cattle Market by the management.
  • There is a likelihood of disease spread due to interaction with asymptotic IPs in Cattle Markets; hence, district/tehsil administration along with management should ensure strict SOP compliance.

Establishment of Cattle Markets

All Federating Units are requested to ensure the establishment of Cattle Markets latest by June 25, 2022 and share details with NCOC (CDC-NIH).

The focal person may also be detailed for sharing of information regarding the establishment of Cattle Markets with the NCOC.

Monitoring Mechanism

All Federating Units are requested to institute an effective and robust monitoring mechanism to ensure SOP’s compliance in Cattle Markets and initiate punitive actions against violators.

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