Guide for Biometric Verification for Vehicle Transfer in Punjab

There are more than 1800 E-convenience centers of NADRA throughout Punjab, which has made the biometric verification for vehicle transfer in Punjab easier. Previously, it wasn’t a necessity to get the vehicles biometrically verified for a legalized vehicle transfer, but the government has made it mandatory now. However, the previously daunting task of getting it done isn’t the same anymore as the process is simple.


What Does The Vehicle Verification Require?

The system for the vehicle verification has been developed by NADRA and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) jointly. The system is easy to be followed and does not require you to waste hours to get the process done. The biometric scanners for the transference are available at the NADRA centers and all both the buying and selling parties have to do is to visit the nearest center, getting the scanning done and finalize the fee structure.

Vehicle Transfer in Punjab

The process of the transference of vehicle ownership is as follows. You just need to follow these steps to ensure your vehicle has been legally transferred to the buyer:

Step 1

The seller has to apply for the change of vehicle ownership at NADRA. The said department retrieves the data of the vehicle from the ownership data of the excise department. Within the next years, with the biometric transfer going mainstream, all previous data will be transferred to NADRA as well.

Step 2

Once the details of the vehicle are received, the new ones are updated with the buyer’s name, contact number, and official CNIC.

Step 3

When the credentials of the buyer are received, the buyer and seller receive a confirmation SMS from NADRA to proceed with the next step. Keep in mind that it isn’t necessary for both the parties to be present at NADRA’s e-convenience center at the same time They can visit the biometric authentication facility near to their respective areas at any time.

Step 4

In this step, a fee will have to be paid and the biometric verification will be done. The new owner will receive a smart registration card within a few days at their address.

If you fail to pay the due amount within 30 days, the entire process will have to be repeated. Overall, this new system ensures that the vehicle buying and selling procedure becomes easier for all. With the new vehicle ownership system, the buyers and sellers won’t have to visit one department after another and follow a million steps before the ownership is changed. This is definitely a good initiative by PITB, NADRA and Punjab Government.

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