Greek media says “No” to Hollande

Athens: Greek media have gone on a 24-hour strike on Tuesday just as French President Francois Hollande pays a visit to the debt-riddled country. The move paves the way for a bigger austerity protest, a general strike set for Wednesday, reports international news agencies.
Journalists are among those Greeks protesting the austerity measures, growing unemployment and reducing wages that are gripping the country. TV and radio stations, newspapers, and even news websites are participating in the stoppage, reporting no news on Tuesday.
Journalists from state media are taking part in what Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou called a “news blackout” during Francois Hollande’s six-hour visit to Greece, even though a court order called such a move illegal. State broadcaster NET said it would briefly cover Hollande‘s arrival.
The French leader came to Athens with a “message of confidence and backing,” his office says. He is to meet Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, President Carolos Papoulias and the head of the Greek socialist party, Evangelos Venizelos, as well as head of some 40 leading Greek companies.
Paris said Hollande’s visit would be different from the October trip by another European leader, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She was opposed by some 30,000 protesters, who saw Greece’s main creditor as the cause of the strict austerity policies of the Greek government.

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