Google Tricks: “Unworried” In Urdu, Barrel Roll, Google Gravity, and More

Google trick you didn't know about! Find out the fun trick below.


Google’s search engine is always the point of attention for many exciting tricks. Who doesn’t know about the offline game and occasional fun activities? It is safe to assume that we have all spent our pass-time hanging around Google one time or the other. With the recent hype of Google’s Urdu translation of “Unworried”, we have decided to share some really exciting Google tricks that you can try right now on your browser.

Google tricks

Can’t wait to know? Let’s get started.

5 Google Tricks That Will Surprise You!!

“Unworried” Urdu Translation

Just a few weeks back, Google users observed a funny surprise in Pakistan. If you Google “Unworried in Urdu”, the search engine shows you the meaning that translates to ‘unmarried’ (in English). If you haven’t tried this yet, go ahead and do it!

Barrel Roll

Google tricks

This one is pretty awesome if you want to go for a roller coaster ride. If you type “do a barrel roll” in Google’s search bar and click on the search button, your browser screen will perform a barrel roll right in front of you.

Unbalanced Browser Screen

Google tricks

This one will definitely make you feel crazy for a moment. If you type “askew” into Google and search for it, your browser screen will tilt down to the right side a little. You can give it a try right now.

Defy Gravity

Google tricks

This is one of the most fun Google tricks. You can use this to scare off a friend (or yourself) by typing “Google Gravity” and hit the search button. If nothing happens, click on the first link as shown in the screenshot. You will see that your Google page will break down into pieces and drop down to the bottom. You can also drag and bounce the pieces.

Image Reading

Google tricks Google tricks

Google is always smart. This means that it connects with your thoughts rather than your words. So, if you have an image you know nothing much about but you want to know more, Google can help you. Just open Google Images and use the reverse image search by clicking on the camera icon. You can upload your image and get search results for similar pictures.

We hope these fun Google tricks will add some fun to your daily browser activities. 🙂

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