Google Translate – How To Use Google Translation Offline?

Google Translate offline feature offers more accuracy in translation results. Check out the details below!

Google Translate is one of the handiest tools for on-the-go translation needs. Users can simply translate any text they want. This feature helps the best when it comes to travel experiences. Imagine you are in another country and having trouble reading signboards, here’s where Google Translate features come to the rescue.


Google Translate Offline

Google Translate English to Urdu

It is important for most Pakistani users to have a translation app with them. English to Urdu translation helps a great deal when it comes to understanding the meanings. The feature is also very helpful for students who struggle with learning the English language.

Google Translate Offline

Picture Translation

Google now allows you to take a picture of any text piece you want to translate. Google Translate offline feature uses the image as the source to extract the text.

For using this option:

  • Open the App
  • Select Translate from English to Urdu
  • Now select the Camera icon

Tapping on the camera icon allows the app to use the phone’s camera to take a picture. You may need to make sure that the light is appropriate for good picture conditions. Once you capture a picture, Google Translate will process it to give you the translation results.

Accuracy of Google Translate Offline

We may all seem to agree that live translation is often not up to the mark. Especially in the case of the Urdu language, it becomes difficult to comprehend the translated version. However, offline translation does not involve any live connection. This means that you can get comparatively accurate results.

Google Translate Offline

We can not say when Google will be able to sort out the live translation performance problems. While this may be valid, we can use the offline translation options to get the best use of the application.

For a much-improved translation, it is still advised that one should take a picture first and then translate it through the application, as the live translation can sometimes cause some problems in the performance.

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