Google Maps will now recommend you Food Places according to your Mood

Finding a good place to eat can be a real drag especially when you’re a stranger in a new city. This is one of the places where technology has bridged the gap somewhat as thanks to apps like Google Apps, a person can easily search for the kind of food they are looking for with ease. The results may be a bit off at times but hey, the whole thing is still a work in progress.

Google Maps

In an attempt to improve user experience, the recent update to the Explore feature of Google Maps now contains curated results for specific markets. This will make it easier to look for a specific kind of food or to look up the specialty of a specific area. Which is really a great move considering no one really wanted to eat Pizza while in China Town. The results can also be viewed via user generated lists which include different categories such as “Best Lunch”, “Best spot for dinner with kids” etc.

As of this moment, the update is only working in San Francisco, New York and London but is believed to roll out for other cities around the globe in the coming months. Personally, this is a feature I can’t wait to be introduced to my local market, as it’s always a great treat to find new and good places to eat.