Google to launch localised version of YouTube in Pakistan

Google to launch localised version of YouTube in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: In an effort to enable Pakistani users to access YouTube in the country, the Pakistani government is making an arrangement with the management of Google/YouTube.

Under the new arrangement, the management of Google/YouTube will localise YouTube in Pakistan and the video sharing website will be accessible in the country as

However, it will only be done after the Pakistani government meets some certain conditions of the management of Google/YouTube.

Following the opening of YouTube in Pakistan as, under the agreement the management of Google will not be held responsible if blasphemous content is placed and uploaded on its website, rather it will be taken as a personal action of the individual.

Moreover, the local search engine will also make it easier to block any blasphemous or objectionable content.

YouTube was blocked across Pakistan on September 17 last year after the web service refused to heed to the advice of the then federal government to remove what it felt was a blasphemous film titled The Innocence of the Muslims.




YouTube to be unlocked in Pakistan

YouTube localised in Pakistan

YouTube in Pakistan

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