Good morning beautiful Pakistan?

By Tusbeeha Kamran Cheema


Yes, good morning Pakistan. Let’s eat our roti (bread) and saalan (curry) now, and a cup of chai (tea). But can we really say good morning Pakistan every day? Does it not look like we are proceeding to an end soon? Our climate is altogether changed, resulting in natural calamities and disasters. At the social level, we are living on the heaps of garbage one can see at every corner of our streets. What about our society? Is everybody equally happy?
What about the women, who don’t have their rights, who don’t have a job and they are getting forced to marry at an early age. I don’t feel like developing Pakistan into something new. It’s like “hey again old Pakistan”.
We can make the memories into an experience. I see houses that have left unfinished construction. When I sometimes walk by, the houses look disjointed. I of course love Pakistan and that is why I am concerned about its future. Pakistan is a treasury of natural beauty but I talk about the things which have been here in the past, and maybe are never going to be something new. We love Pakistan, and it’s our country. We must make the rights fair in Pakistan. We must keep our climate intact. Pakistan has more natural resources than neighboring countries. If they can make money by developing sustainable tourism and investing in natural resources, then why Pakistan cannot? Why do we not invest in educating people? I think it sounds like a quite good idea. But what should Pakistan focus more on? Huge population? free and better Education? Job opportunities? Security to people? —— I think a package is required to save this country from possible disaster.
Pakistan should provide free education to all Pakistani to make Pakistan great. It would be better if Pakistan also focus on this, Pakistan has a lot of beautiful people, beautiful nature, beautiful monuments. So Pakistan needs to show all these to other parts of the world. To attain the attention of foreigners, we should start showing our culture to the world to get popularity.
If we want to say good morning Pakistan every day then we have to take care of our land. Investing in people is one point then providing jobs and infrastructure to them to glue them with Pakistan is the next step. Brain drain kills countries and Pakistan is facing this situation for a long. The educated and rich class want to leave this country because the state is not providing them a healthy and clean and secure life.
I may be saying something wrong, but I’m telling you guys what I feel about my country. Now I have nothing to say but good morning Pakistan?

Tusbiha Kamran Cheema
By Tusbeeha Kamran Cheema

Note: Tusbeeha Kamran Cheema is a blogger and a high school student who was born in Pakistan but now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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