Global Village Space was caught red-handed by Western media while publishing AI-generated content

MediaGlobal Village Space was caught red-handed by Western media while publishing AI-generated...

Islamabad, Pakistan: The Western media in response to a story against the Israeli prime minister is raising the issue of the usage of Artificial Intelligence for creating a “story” out of nothing. Calling the story against the Israeli prime minister “AI-generated content”, the Western Media warns about “churning out tech-enabled fiction masquerading as news”. Western Media is citing a Pakistan-based online platform namely Global Village Space (GVS) for generating fake content and fabricated news. This platform has been generating hate speech and publishing fabricated content against the state institutions of Pakistan for a long. The man behind this platform Dr. Moeed Pirzada is closely working with some anti-Pakistan US congressmen.

It has been observed that Pakistan has been a victim of fake content for a long and even Western media is taking such AI-generated content against Pakistan as a “very serious story”. There is no doubt that former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had a big brigade of writers and platforms in the past and Global Village Space was one of them when Khan was using state resources for hiring and sponsoring them but after the disbanding of the Punjab and KPK governments, the input of State Money ended and then his slur and propaganda brigades started getting the support of AI-generated content and same had been spread over to Western media houses against Pakistan.


Some of American and European media hubs have been using such content against Pakistan without checking the credibility of the content and the authorship of the write-ups.

Everybody understands that artificial intelligence tools offer cheaper and faster ways to fabricate content that is often hard to decipher from authentic information. PTI overseas brigade extensively uses AI tools for generating content because this brigade is rich in spending on anti-Pakistan propaganda. Fueling an explosion of false narratives is inexpensive and easy through AI tools and the same was done before, during, and after the General Elections of 2024 in Pakistan to discredit Pakistan’s political process.

DND News Agency has been indicating for the last many years that “Global Village Space” run by one of the most prized persons by the former prime minister Imran Khan had been a fake new house and it had been found several times in fabricating content against Pakistan but the man behind this who is Pirzada had successfully selling his “intellect” among western media. Now he has been caught red-handed by no one else than US-based MSN News and French-based AFP News Agency.

Global Village Space caught red-handed by western media while publishing AI-generated content
Global Village Space was caught red-handed by Western media while publishing AI-generated content

In an article titled “Can We Trust AI-Generated News? A Closer Look at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Psychiatrist Story”, the writer mentions:

“Israeli Prime Minister’s psychiatrist commits suicide,” still tops the list of “popular articles” highlighted on Global Village Space, a Pakistani digital outlet, after it made an online splash in November with baseless claims about a suicide note blaming Netanyahu”.

The writer further says:

A “substantial portion” of the site’s content, including this article, appears to be scraped from mainstream sources using AI tools, according to an analysis by NewsGuard, a US-based research organization that tracks misinformation. After scanning the site for error messages specific to content produced by AI chatbots, NewsGuard said it found significant similarities between the yarn about Netanyahu’s “psychiatrist” to a fictitious 2010 article on a satirical website.

NewsGuard analyst McKenzie Sadeghi said when she prompted ChatGPT, from Microsoft-backed OpenAI, to rewrite the original article for a general news audience, the result was “very similar” to the article on Global Village Space.

“The exponential growth in AI-generated news and information sources is alarming because these sites can be perceived by the average user as legitimate, trustworthy sources of information,” Sadeghi told AFP.

Dr. Moeed Pirzada whose wife is the official owner of Global Village Space but he is a man running the scene is known for manipulating the events, creating fake content, and publishing hatred against Pakistan although he had been the most prized personality of previous regimes and even his security had been the responsibility of state institutions in past. However, he opted to work for Imran Khan when Khan was voted out of office in April 2022 and decided to lead PTI’s foreign slur brigade against the state of Pakistan. After the May 9, 2023 incidents, Global Village Space (GVS) accelerated hatemongering against the Pakistan Army and became a tool to promote hate speech by producing material linking with his Twitter campaign against the Pakistan Army.

Global Village Space has been under controversies in the past also because the Declaration for this media outlet was awarded by flouting rules as the publisher must have experience in journalism and must not be a dual nationality holder. Even if the publisher is not a double nationality holder, he/she must inform the authorities if visiting abroad for over six months. GVS title is in the name of the wife of Pirzada and this is active status as a bona fide publication although the couple has been living abroad for long.

Pirzada has interesting events linked with his marriage, his education, and his former jobs, and the most interesting is the story of his safe passage from the clutches of UAE law enforcement agencies when he was detained for getting thumb impressions of his father on documents to withdraw the accrued profits and interest from investment certificates valued at about Dh20,000-Dh30,000. He was allowed to leave UAE thereafter to attend the funeral of his father. 

It is also claimed that GVS had been favored financially several times by the state institutions secretly even before the formation of the PTI government. However, such claims cannot be rechecked/confirmed/verified/rejected for obvious reasons of sensitivity of the issue.

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