Give Zakat generously but vigilantly to deserving

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: People prefer to give Zakat during the holy month of Ramazan seeking divine love and forgiveness besides helping their brothers and sisters in need to have good food for their families.

The prominent religious scholars of the country have directed the wealthy Muslims to donate generously in the holy month however they must ensure giving Zakat to the real deserving and contribute in eliminating poverty and unemployment from the country.

Professor of Islamic Studies, Wahidullah Khan said Muslims could give Zakat to people in distress but must ensure that their donated amount could not go into wrong hands and contribute in creating unrest in the society.

While the philanthropists were of the view that judicious utilization of Zakat amount can help not only overcoming poverty but also bringing social stability in the country.

Sharing their views, they opined that a proper system must be devised for utilizing Zakat money on social uplift of the poor segment of the society.

Malik Haider Zaman, businessman said Zakat should be given to poors including widows, orphans, disables, needy and the destitute.

“Zakat amount can be used in establishing small and medium size industries for eliminating unemployment from the country if properly managed. The amount may be used in giving interest free loans to the poor to enable them to stand their own feet.” he said.

Malik Bismal, a banker said Zakat functions as a social security for all. The person paying Zakat pays his dues to Allah as an act of worship, a token of submission and an acknowledgment of gratitude.

The receiver of Zakat receives it as a grant from Allah out of His bounty, a favour for which he is thankful to Allah.

Source: APP