Girls! Stop Putting These Cosmetics, They Are Harming Your Skin

BlogsGirls! Stop Putting These Cosmetics, They Are Harming Your Skin

There is no shortage of cosmetics, beauty & skincare products out there. Every store and salon has them. With more and more products hitting markets these days, women have become more interested in buying as much as they can. While I won’t deny that these cosmetics add life to our faces, but the harsh reality is that they are doing more harm than good.

Girls! Stop Putting These Cosmetics, They Are Harming Your Skin

Cosmetics Harming Your Skin

Why am I saying that? Various research and experiments have proven time and again that multiple cosmetics harm our skin. This is why I have compiled a list of some of the cosmetics that are proven to do more good than bad. There are many more, but these are just the tip of the iceberg to get you started with:


Surma or Kajal is a traditional cosmetic product used in Pakistan and India. If Surma is sourced from the mountains and used in the raw form, then there is nothing better than it to make your eyes glow. But, unfortunately, the Surma and the kajal we get these days are filled with toxic chemicals that can lead to dry eye (extremely common!), eye infections, and glaucoma, among others.

Stop using Kajal because it is destroying your eyes and aging them way more than you can imagine. No Kajal is worth harming your eyes over.

Talcum Powder

Girls! Stop Putting These Cosmetics, They Are Harming Your Skin

The signature of Pakistani moms lathering their kids with. Talcum Powder is up to no good. It contains chemical ingredients that can cause allergies, infections in short term and can harm the reproductive system in the long run.

The talcum powder contains chemicals that can move through the reproductive system, which means that excessive use can lead to ovarian cancer. Think a dozen times before you apply that powder again!

Bleach Cosmetics Creams

Another thing that is very common in Pakistan. Not just the commonality, but unfortunately, we can see many women buying substandard and cheap bleaches filled with chemicals. That is double the harm. The bleach creams are found to have chemicals that can do significant skin damage.

From burning to rashes, peeling to dryness, bleaches have the tendency to do way more harm than you can anticipate. Stop applying them right away for your skin and your health’s benefit.

Antiperspirants & Deodorants

Yes, nobody likes sticky underarms smelling all day long. But health before anything else, especially when you have so many organic alternatives. Various studies have proved that these antiperspirants and deodorants that are directly applied to the body are harming the skin, leading to itching, and causing pigmentation as well. Pigmentation is very common and something almost every user will notice with time.

These can lead to allergies, skin conditions, and even cancer. When the sweat glands aren’t allowed to discharge, they can remain within the body and wreak havoc.

Face Wax

Girls! Stop Putting These Cosmetics, They Are Harming Your Skin

Waxing of any kind isn’t recommended, but face wax should be considered a sin among ourselves. Face waxing causes the skin to sag and irritation as well. If you harm the skin and it cuts through, the bleeding occurring can cause severe harm. The hair follicles can also be disturbed that can cause the hair to grow in multiple directions.

These were just some of the cosmetics widely used among women around Pakistan. Apart from these, moisturizers, lipsticks, other waxes, and fragrances can be causing you harm as well. Think before you apply them to your skin.


Kainaat Maqbool
Kainaat Maqbool
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