Girl’s dance at Quaid’s Tomb triggers debate on Social Media

By Matthias Samuel


Since Social Media has no boundaries and it helps proliferate the information worldwide in no time; therefore millions of people across the world have been addicted to various Social Networking Services i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and Snap Chat, etc.

However recently TikTok’s usage and popularity went sky-high, and a number of Social Media Users made full use of it to push themselves into the limelight. Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak are prime examples of that.

TikTok has become the fourth most popular and the second most downloaded Social Media App in Pakistan. But unfortunately, some of the controversial videos posted on TikTok caused suffering to their uploaders as well.

Recently a veil-clad and bare-footed girl made a video of herself on TikTok while dancing on a song in front of the Quaid-e-Azam’s tomb in Karachi. Her video went viral on Social Media, triggering a debate that whether her act was tantamount to the desecration of the tomb of the father of the nation.

Most of the people strongly denounced the act of the white-dressed girl. They were of the view that her act was highly disrespectful. They argued that it’s highly unacceptable of anyone to dance in front of the tomb of the father of the nation. Not just Quaid’s tomb but any tomb, no one has the right to do that.

However, the girl also clinched some support as well as a few people advocated her act and asked others to not judge anyone by just one video. Yet most of the people were of the view that everyone has the freedom to do whatever he/she wants but absolute freedom cannot be given to anybody.

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