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Smartwatches resemble smartphones, but these can wear on the wrist, unlike smartphones, which keep in pockets. These watches show notifications appearing on your smartphone connected with your smartwatch. It provides details about your most recent location with accurate coordinates, you can receive your e-mails on these watches, and if a pedometer installs in your smartwatch, you can get your heartbeat rate traced. All these qualitative aspects and the specifications of your smartwatch are the real deciders in case of its price.

Qmart.pk is a prominent online shopping site that can give pricing ranges for many Samsung Galaxy smartwatches models available on the market. Currently, Qmart offers four versions of Samsung galaxy smartwatches ranging from Rs 49,990 to Rs 57,990 in Pakistan. This differential in prices can value the diversity of specifications and applications installed as in-built applications in these watches.

For instance, Samsung R860 is available at Rs 49,990, Samsung R880 is available at RS 51,990, Samsung R870 is available at Rs 54,990, and Samsung R890 is available at Qmart around Rs 57,990.

Details Best Available Prices of Each Version of Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Samsung R860 Price at Qmart:

Samsung R860 costs us at Qmart Rs 49,990. This pricing may attribute to this version of smartwatches due to the smartwatch’s offering of some essential things and excellent characteristics. For instance, these watches are available in four different colors with any price differential. These colors include green, black, pink, gold, and silver. Its component in price estimation is the operating system.

Samsung R860 operates Android wear iOS, 1 UI watch-3 operating system. Another key feature that determines the price of the stated smartwatch is its sensors. Samsung R860 possesses an accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, natural language command, and dictation Samsung plays. Another key feature is its specific screen resolution which distinguishes it from the rest of the watches.

Samsung R880 Price at Qmart:

Samsung R880 has priced 51990 rupees at Qmart. This pricing difference as compared to the R860 is due to some additional features and specs. For instance, it is a 42 mm version of a smartwatch, and the rest of the features are the same when we compare it with the Samsung R860 version of smartwatches.

Samsung R870 Price at Qmart:

Qmart is offering Samsung R870 at Rs 54,990 in Pakistan. It is an extended-size version of Samsung smartwatches with an aluminum casing and a 44 mm dial size. Again it is available with a diversity of colures.

In addition to this, its battery is more powerful than the above discussed two models of smartwatches available with the brand name Samsung. For instance, it operates with a non-removable lithium-ion 361 mAh battery. These additional attributes of the smartwatch version are the decider in the price range of this particular model.

Price of Samsung R890 at Qmart;

It is a classic stainless steel model of smartwatches offer by Samsung. At Qmart, it is available at the price of Rs 57,990 in Pakistan. It is available in two colors. The rest of the features of this version are similar to R870.

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