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The need to transfer money online in today’s world cannot be emphasised more. Many people worldwide travel to other countries primarily to find better employment opportunities. Most of the time, these travellers find work but rarely do they come across a kind of opportunity that they do not even hear about in routine. A similar surprise is here for numerous Pakistanis living and working abroad who send money to Pakistan from different countries.

Do you know what creates a win-win situation for the people who earn a living in distant lands away from their home countries? Keep reading to figure it out!

The background to travel abroad

The world has always remained divided into two halves: the developed half and the developing or underdeveloped half. A closer look at the history of the world will reveal that the wars have almost always been fought based on this division. 


Underdeveloped countries have always faced many problems, including economic hardships. These financial woes have made it difficult for the families to put food on the table. 

These underdeveloped countries, including Pakistan, go abroad to find better employment opportunities. These expatriates find work and begin to earn and then transfer money to Pakistan online to their loved ones through the world’s most credible online money transfer company ACE Money Transfer. 

Pressing needs to become an expatriate

The following are a few pressing needs that compel people to leave their home countries, go to a foreign land, and become expatriates. 

To eradicate poverty


If what you earn in your home country helps you lead an everyday life, there is no need to bear the fatigue of travelling. But, if you are barely surviving in the middle of abject poverty, you will dearly await an opportunity to go out by grabbing one as soon as it appears. Eradicating poverty is one of the primary reasons for going out to live an expatriate life. No matter how small they are, the earnings in a foreign currency translate into a more significant amount after conversion. It helps people move up the poverty ladder. 

To afford better education

Getting a good education is every child’s fundamental right, and giving good education to a child is a parent’s primary responsibility. But, not very many parents can afford quality education for their children with the limited means of earning they have. They go to other countries, and through the money, they send back to Pakistan, for example, help them pay quickly for good quality education. 

To save money for the future

It is another crucial reason people of low-income countries such as Pakistan go to other countries such as England, Canada and other European countries with strong economies. From there, they earn money and send those back to their families. They keep a fair amount from those remittances as savings after meeting all the expenses necessary to lead a decent life. These savings help them secure their future financially. 

At the start, you learned about the win-win situation. Remember? Here is all about the surprise.

The catch has arrived

ACE Money Transfer, one of the world’s leading online money transfer companies, has collaborated with HBL to dole out ten free return tickets from the UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe. If you are already an ACE customer and keep sending money to your home country through it, you stand eligible to take part in the lucky draw. 

The details have been expanded further below. 

  • If you want to become eligible for this fantastic lucky draw and win your free return ticket, all you have to do is send money to Habib Bank Limited’s (HBL) branches through ACE Money Transfer. Or ensure to pick up the cash the remitter has sent from the countries mentioned above from any of the branches of HBL.
  • All the transactions during the period starting from February 1st till March 15th, both days inclusive, are eligible for the draw. 
  • You can avail multiple entries into the draw by making many transactions. 
  • A total of 10 winners will be selected with one return ticket per head. 
  • The winners will be informed through SMS alerts, emails or calls by ACE Money Transfer and then a redraw will be conducted if there is no response from the winner after the message is conveyed. 

Why look for a free return ticket?

Many Pakistani expatriates are connected with their families only through calls and money transfers to Pakistan necessitated by their expatriate life. 

Because these expatriates cannot afford a return ticket, they abstain from travelling back and instead spend their vacations at work to earn and save more. 

Imagine the stress such people endure due to being unable to see and meet their families. 

Now, put this scenario across the one where you are given a free chance to meet your families without having to spend even a single penny! Will it not be an incredible and unexpected boon for them? 

It indeed is. And all you have to do to avail this golden and once-in-a-lifetime chance is to follow the simple steps explained above. 

The catch is expanded here

The offer details are explained and expanded further below, with every bit more fascinating than the previous one. 

  • ACE Money Transfer will select the airline in consultation with HBL, both of which are extremely caring for their customers. 
  • Tickets will be of economy plus or economy premium class.
  • You will have to update the relevant airline if you are the winner about a change in your travel schedule and bear the resulting expenses.  
  • You can select a date to travel to Pakistan of your liking before December 31st, 30 days after the prize is announced. 
  • Both ACE and HBL are not responsible if you cannot produce necessary travel documents or pay any taxes.
  • The winner can only have the ticket issued in their name. It is non-transferable as well as non-cashable. 

ACE Money Transfer

Over time, ACE Money Transfer has gained confidence from its customers not many others in the field enjoy. There are many companies, but customers have trust issues resulting from their service quality. Only ACE Money Transfer offers its customers a low fee, the best exchange rates, secure transactions, and many other features.

The proof of the best and most trustworthy services offered by ACE Money Transfer is its ever-expanding customer base. Since the inception of ACE Money Transfer, there is not a single customer who has ever lodged a single complaint against any of the features and services ACE Money Transfer has ever offered.

So, don’t wait any more and participate in the exciting offer through your online money transfer to Pakistan using ACE’s services.

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