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We are living in the corona times, which means that going to the retail stores to shop is something half the population is refraining from. But does that mean people have stopped shopping? Obviously not! Now more than ever, people are filling up their shopping carts, but the only thing is that it has gone virtual and is being done via E-commerce platforms. This is where JOMO and the excellent service it offers come again.


How To Get Easy E-commerce Experience With The Best Customer Service?

JOMO has changed the way e-commerce works and how people shop. It has changed the experience and shopping online has never been easier. But how? Read on!

How Is JOMO Disrupting E-commerce?

JOMO aims to disrupt the E-commerce industry by providing exceptional customer service and a variety like no other. They have brought in brands like Lark & Finch and are giving their customers in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore (for now) with other cities following suit an option to try out products before paying for them. This unique option is what has given an edge to JOMO.

Not just this, but they have all the brands one can wish to buy in Pakistan and all at competitive prices. So, you are not ripping yourself for the customer service you deserve. Within a few clicks, you have the item, you were yearning to get your hands on for so long. What’s better than that?

JOMO’s Customer Service

What has given JOMO an edge over other e-commerce portals with an edge in the industry is its customer service. You will always see the brand making the best out of a customer’s time with speedy delivery, quick response, and resolving issues (if any). There is almost no chance that people will have issues since most of them from the mentioned cities above are trying out their products before placing an order. So, where is the margin for error here?

What’s more, is that you get a next day delivery too. Say what? For most customers, they get to choose their day and time slot for delivery so they can make sure they are available to try the products before purchasing. I think this is what has given JOMO the edge it has because customers are on top of everything else. They are treated well and given preference, which is what we are all are always looking for.

Why Order?

I think what I have revealed above is enough to give you a perspective of why order from here. But I personally think that for me the ease of getting to try the product before purchasing it is the best. Sometimes we end up ordering the wrong size or order things that do not suit us. Hence, we waste our money. That’s not the case with JOMO!

You can order multiple products, get them at your desired time, try, and decide which one would you like to purchase. This, for me, wins anything and everything else. 2020 and the coming years are definitely going to the revolutionary years of the E-commerce industry.

Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
A netpreneur, blogger and above all; A Human :) Asad tweets from @aghaasadharoon and can also be approached on Google+

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