Geo News staffers involved in Mehran Naval Base attack and in killing Wali Khan Babar

Islamabad: Geo News staffers were involved in Mehran Naval Base attack and in killing Wali Khan Babar?  Geo TV, Jang newspaper and The News are three major sources of news for millions of readers and viewers of Pakistan. These all three components of media lead their formats– Geo is the top viewed channel–Jang is largest Urdu newspaper and The News is the largest English daily. Unfortunate to say this media house never shared very important and sensitive information its staffers were involved in two important criminal events of the history of Karachi—- attack on Mehran Navel Base and murder of Geo reporter Wali Khan Babar. Interestingly no intelligence agency of the country shared such information with media people while informing us about Mehran Navel Base.

A US based newspaper New York Times claims on its April 26, 2014 story that:

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi recruited a junior reporter at Geo to help plan the assassination of a news editor and a prominent talk show host at the station, said a former Geo manager with direct knowledge of the case. The plot was foiled when the reporter confessed.

A second Geo employee was identified as a militant after the Taliban assault on Karachi’s Mehran naval base in June 2011, the former manager said. The station also believes that insider information played a role in the death of Wali Khan Babar, a Geo reporter who was killed by the M.Q.M. in 2010, a current Geo manager said.

NYT runs a story title “Attack on Journalist Starts Battle in Pakistani Press” that claims Geo staffer was involved in attacking Mehran Navel Base in Karachi and another staffer was involved in planing of murdering its own staffer Wali Khan Babar.