Gawadar PC Terror Attack: Five martyred including one Pakistan Navy soldier

Rawalpindi, Pakistan: Security Forces have completed clearance operation at Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel Gwadar. All three terrorists killed. Terrorists bodies are held for identification, reports Dispatch News Desk (DND) News Agency while citing official information released by Pakistan Army.


According to Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) of Pakistan Army, during operation five individuals were martyred including  four hotel employees and a Pakistan Navy soldier.  Six individuals got injured including two Army Captains, two Pakistan Navy soldiers and two hotel employee.

Gawadar PC Terror Attack
Gawadar PC Terror Attack

Terrorists had attempted entry into the hotel aimed at targeting/ taking hostage the guests present in hotel. Security guard at entry challenged terrorists denying them entry into main hall and terrorists went to staircase leading to upper floors.

Terrorists opened fire resulting into martyrdom of security guard Zahoor. Enroute to stairs, terrorists kept firing indiscriminately resulting into martyrdom of three more hotel employees, Farhad, Bilawal and Awais while two got injured.
Quick Reaction Forces of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and local Police immediately reached hotel, secured guests and staff present in the hotel and restricted terrorists within corridor of fourth floor.
After ensuring safe evacuation of guests and staff, clearance operation was launched to take on terrorists. Meanwhile terrorists had made cctv cameras dysfunctional and planted IEDs on all entry points leading to 4th floor. Security Forces made special entry points to get into 4th floor, shot down all terrorists and cleared planted IEDS. In exchange of fire Pak Navy soldier Abbas Khan embraced Shahadat while 2 Army Captains, 2 Pakistan Navy soldiers got injured.
DG ISPR thanks entire media for responsible reporting and coverage of operation. This actually denied terrorists of possible live updates thus facilitated security forces in smooth execution of the operation.

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