Gas leak in the sewage system of Kaohsiung Taiwan caused multiple blasts: Over 200 injured

HeadlinesGas leak in the sewage system of Kaohsiung Taiwan caused multiple blasts:...

Gas leak in the sewage system of Kaohsiung Taiwan


Gas leaks in the sewage system of Kaohsiung Taiwan caused multiple blasts
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Eyewitness said:

“Pipeline exploded.  The scene is like from Transformer movie..road explosion everywhere”


Monitoring Desk: Breaking News: Gas leak in the sewage system of Kaohsiung Taiwan caused multiple blasts: Over 200 injured . 21 persons are reported as killed in hospitals. Locals fear that death toll will rise as 30 more people are critically injured. Many building along the  Kaisuan Road got fire after explosions. 

Gas leaks in the sewage system of Kaohsiung in south-western Taiwan caused fire on many roads and several cars caught fire. More information are arriving. Impact of blasts that took place after gas leak on Kaisuan Road and Ersheng Road were felt far off areas. Intensity was very hiogh for these multiple explosions and almost a big part of Kaohsiung city rocked with impact. This city homes over 2.7 million people.

There are multiple gas explosions and local media is claiming that several serious injured and burnt in these explosion. Almost every manhole  of town is burning like a stove. RT News reports:

“Several blasts have ripped through Kaohsiung, a city in south-western Taiwan, killing 4, injuring over 180 and overturning cars”, local media reported. The cause is thought to be gas leaks in the sewage system.



Eyewitness said:

“Gas pipe along the road exploded to some places. Manhole are spiting fire like hell holes. Its terrible. several car blown after catching fire. It was like hell everywhere”


gas explosions in Kaohsiung


Another eyewitness said:

“It was all of sudden. It was like rockets coming on road. Blasts after blast. People had no time to run. Drivers of cars had no time to understand what happened. Cries and shouting after blasts and blood in every car. It was a hell scene”.


Pipeline exploded in Kaohsiung

gas explosions in Kaohsiung

gas explosions in Kaohsiung Taiwan

Sewerage system exploded in Kaohsiung

gas exploded in sewerage system of Kaohsiung

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