Gas Cylinder Price in Dubai – Complete Information

UAEDubaiGas Cylinder Price in Dubai - Complete Information

Price Breakdown for Gas Cylinders in Dubai, UAE

If you need price information about LPG cylinders, we have added the details of different capacity cylinders below. You can choose the one that fits your daily cooking and other gas-related household needs. Let’s dive into the details.

11 KG Gas Cylinder

Dubai’s 11 KG gas cylinder price is AED 70 (prices include 5% VAT). You can buy it from various gas delivery services in the city.

Gas Cylinder Price in Dubai22 KG Gas Cylinder

The 22 KG gas cylinder price in Dubai is AED 140 (prices include 5% VAT). You can buy it from various gas delivery services in the city.

44 KG Gas Cylinder

The price of a 44 KG gas cylinder is AED 290 (prices are inclusive of 5% VAT). You can search local gas delivery services in Dubai to find the best option for your household.

Finding an LPG (or other) gas cylinder in Dubai has never been as easy as now. You can explore many options online to choose your desired capacity and place an order.


  • There is a dire need for gas cylinders in Dubai’s households
  • The Dubai government has made efforts to regulate the sale and distribution of gas cylinders
  • You can buy gas cylinders in different capacities (11 KG, 28 KG, and 44 KG)
  • Dubai residents can place online orders for cylinders

Gas Cylinder Price in Dubai

Gas cylinders are an essential component of the energy infrastructure in Dubai, which is one of the fastest-growing and most populous cities in the United Arab Emirates. Due to Dubai’s hot and arid climate, there is a high demand for cooking and heating fuel, especially during the summer when temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius. Gas cylinders provide a reliable and convenient energy source for households and businesses in Dubai, as they are portable and easy to use. If you want to know the gas cylinder price in Dubai, we have covered all the details you need.

The Need for Gas Cylinders in Dubai

Gas cylinders are cost-effective and environmentally friendly, producing less carbon emissions than other forms of energy like coal or oil. The Dubai government has also tried to regulate the sale and distribution of gas cylinders, ensuring they meet safety standards and are adequately maintained. Overall, gas cylinders play a crucial role in meeting the energy needs of Dubai’s rapidly growing population and ensuring a sustainable future for the city.

Gas Cylinder Price in Dubai


Are gas cylinders available in the UAE?

You can order your Gas Cylinder from Emirates Gas along with installation with a choice of  5.5kg, 11kg, 22kg and 44kg Capacity of Cylinders.

How can I get a cylinder in Dubai?

You can get a Gas Cylinder in Dubai from the following companies.

  • Al Hadef Gas Distribution Co. LLC: +971-4-256-6640
  • Double Energy Gases: +971-4-432-8512
  • Tara Gas Trading: +971-50-133-4588
  • AD LPG Gas: +971-4-333-2260
  • Al Mandoos Gas Cylinders Trading LLC: +971-4-352-3593
  • Brothers Gas Bottling and Distribution LLC: +971-4-251-7979

What is the new gas cylinder price in Dubai?

The price of New Gas Cylinder in Dubai starts from  AED 70

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