Garbage heaps along the expressway become landmark of Islamabad

SocialGarbage heaps along the expressway become landmark of Islamabad

Garbage heaps along the expressway become landmark of Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Garbage heaps along the expressway have become landmark of Islamabad and anybody entering Islamabad will not miss them while traveling on expressway near Korang Nullah.


According to details, dumpers of Capital Development Authority (CDA) and of private housing societies are dumping garbage near Korang Nullah on both sides of the expressway. There are 10 big societies those have no garbage dumping places and throw near Korang Nullah.

Garbage heaps along the expressway become landmark of Islamabad

A number of complaints have been lodged to CDA but nothing has been done so far. State run news agency APP ran three stories about this spot and newspaper cutting were sent to higher official of Capital management but no action has been taken so far. Talking to the APP, garbage sometimes block the flow of water in Nullah and caused flash floods especially in area. Locals are of the view that CDA has never asked upcoming housing societies about their garbage dumping grounds and housing societies have been allowed without having proper solid waste management system. “CDA takes money from housing societies and never asked them about proper design or plan to construct a separate landfill site or incineration plant to dispose of solid waste produced by the residents on a daily basis”, claimed a local resident Arshad Abbasi.
Health experts say that such a huge pile of garbage could cause various dangerous diseases like Dengue, Hepatitis and others to break out in the city.
When contacted, a CDA official categorically said that he had no knowledge about garbage dumping near Korang Nullah or on expressway.


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