Game of Thrones by Seema Arif

OpinionGame of Thrones by Seema Arif

Game of Thrones by Seema Arif

Game of Thrones by Seema Arif


The joint session of the parliament is changing the face and accord of the situation rapidly. The sacred August is gone and with auspicious September dawns a different reality. It has changed the public emotion and the fate of government. For the first time in the history of Pakistan, I’ve realized the strength of law, although it has yet to seek justice. I always had a strong feeling that we have “adlaya” (judiciary) but we witness no “Adl” (justice). Now I realize that justice is always blind; we have to invoke judiciary to get justice, and we must know the right way of doing it.

In order to play a game, we should not only know the rules of game, we have to master its skills as well. The game of thrones is on right now, demanding greater skills not only in oratory, but effective communication. It does not seek perception of reality but a long term vision. The politics of power involves intrigue and deception; every fight is first for individual survival, then it looks after mutual rights. Clever and shrewd persons take challenges in this game; Sufis and saints remain away from it.

Azadi and Inquilab march is an open trial before public. It is going on like a gladiator show. Each day something is sacrificed at the altar of democracy, life and reputation, fame and loyalty, everything is at stake. Especially with the involvement of media the stakes have become too high, going beyond the reach of everyone. Who will win is the ultimate question. The urgency of the situation demands win-lose, but the practicality of the situation indicates lose-lose if negotiations failed as I had identified in previous articles. The people are hoping for a win-win and let’s make it for them.

At last the face of 3rd empire has become public. It will not be the Army; it will be the Supreme Court. We have been hearing the rhetoric of constitution and law for so many days and wondering what exact significance it really had in current scenario. After all it has been the easiest game to play with, as an ex-dictator remarked; it is no more than a piece of paper, which he could tore into pieces anytime. This dialogue has been stuck in the minds of public and many politicians as well. We have forgotten about the recent small wins made by the judiciary. If it is clash of titans, then it is not the god who himself fights on this earth, but the best commander of the god who fights for him and puts others to trial.

In September the god of balance – the justice is going to be the most powerful. Whoever, seeks success will have to submit to him or ready to plead his case in the best of ways. Something similar to it has been stated in yesterday’s interview of Aitzaz Ahsan with Waseem Badami at ARY. Badami has special skill to reach to the heart of people and bring their best side out and he was successful with the veteran lawmaker, Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan as well.

I have always wondered what is the extra charismatic force behind Zardari’s extra shrewdness? How he has avoided so many pitfalls? Now I got the answer; he has a counsel of experts; he has the political acumen to delegate the right person to the right job. His amendments to the constitution helped him to survive and will also help others to survive as well who will follow the system. In that context, Nawaz –Zardari  meeting has become all the more meaningful. Nawaz has borrowed that counsel; their post-meeting acts will not cost them any legal implication; not even PM lying in the Parliament. On the other hand both Imran Khan and Qadri have invited multiple accusations and legal and constitutional suites filed against them. Tables are turned just because of the right manipulation of law. See the difference of the outcomes of the 17th June and 31st August.

Army has to retreat and withdraw its support for marches … why….? Because of the strong legal bindings Sharif government has been able to invoke with the help of that legal counsel. No one can touch the government until the joint parliament session is on; even supreme court cannot interfere, and it is on for one whole week. Now Qadri and Imran are left with no option but to submit to the negotiations. Make best use of this opportunity; there is only the use of force beyond it. Think of the big picture; of the future of PTI, young and energetic followers and poor people of Pakistan.  Take a step back; reflect upon your actions; learn from your mistakes; redefine your goals and strike back. Remember you had won the World Cup after years of struggle.

I had recommended much earlier that Imran Khan and Qadri should have a team of legal experts with them, the legal experts on constitution and law. Nawaz has been able to make a lawful allegiance within the parliament, building the strength to corner the men in uniform. Khan should have been the first to form such an allegiance within and without the parliament to win his battle. The battle is fought with in the battlefield and in this case it was parliament. Every game has its own rules…. so has game of thrones.

About the writer

Seema Arif is associate professor at School of Social Sciences & Humanities in University of Management & Technology, Lahore. Pakistan. She portrays herself as humble seeker of the Sufi way. Her academic output relates to organizational behavior and concerns about leadership. She has published widely in local and international newspapers, magazines and journals.

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