Furniture Care and Maintenance Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts

BlogsFurniture Care and Maintenance Guide: The Do's and Don'ts

Furniture shopping is an expensive spending and watching its appearance getting dull and damaged is a misery. However, to prevent any damage, you need to know about the best furniture care and maintenance tips to increase longevity.


Furniture care and maintenance


Furniture is the soul of the whole interior as it fills in space, provides comfort, and adds style to the space. When furniture is doing a lot for us, what are we giving it back? Investing in the purchase is not enough for the visual appearance of your furniture, you can take care of it to increase its longevity. Here is a comprehensive guide to furniture care and maintenance tips that will help you keep your house clean and tidy all the time.

Furniture Care and Maintenance Tips

Furniture Care and Maintenance requires small actions that you can add to your daily cleaning routine. Make these small tips your habit and you will thank yourself later. Some of them are:

  1. Know your Furniture Material Requirements
  2. Regular Dusting
  3. Avoid Contact with Sunlight
  4. Treat Spill Stains Immediately
  5. Use Protective Covers and Pads
  6. Fabric Protection
  7. Regular Polishing
  8. Keep away from Humidity
  9. Choose Regular Repairing
  10. Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Know your Furniture Material Requirements

Furniture cleaning

The initial step to maintaining your furniture in its state for a longer time is to know its material. Usually, furniture comes in material options of wood, leather, stainless steel, glass, and upholstery fabric. All these materials require different cleaning solutions. A cleaner or conditioner that works best with leather may worsen the durability of wooden furniture and so on. Therefore, keep the material requirements of your furniture and never go for a one-fits-all solution.

Treating all your furniture items according to their needs will enhance the period of your furniture and you can enjoy comfort and style all the time.

Regular Dusting

home cleaning

Regular Dusting is among the crucial furniture care and maintenance tips as dust particles in the environment settle onto surfaces. With gentle dusting using a soft fabric cloth, you should dust away any dust regularly. Because, if the dust is left untreated, it leads to micro-scratches and becomes stubborn with time, making the polish look dull. So, add regular gentle dusting as a part of your daily cleaning routine and see how fresh and tidy your home looks all the time.

Avoid Contact with Sunlight

If you have an airy and sunlit living space, you should be very careful about your furniture maintenance and care. Direct exposure to sunlight may cause UV rays to deteriorate the vibrancy of your furniture and dull its appearance. Keep all the vulnerable items away from sun exposure or use blinds and protective curtains to prevent sunlight from reaching the surfaces.

Treat Spill Stains Immediately

Furniture care and maintenance

To err is human. We usually spill our tea, drinks, or food condiments on the furniture. These stains can become permanent if not treated immediately. So, rather than being lazy about cleaning them, take immediate action using a soft cloth or paper towel. Without rubbing the surface, place the cloth onto the stain, let it absorb and clean. For better results, use any DIY furniture cleaning remedies or tried and tested manufacturer’s recommended furniture cleaner.

Use Protective Covers and Pads

Furniture care and maintenance

No matter how hard you try, the bare furniture surfaces are always prone to scratches, dust, friction, and spills. To protect the surfaces, invest in protective covers and pads for your furniture. Buy the covers that match the visual appearance of your home without ruining the interior theme according to the latest furniture trends. They will not only protect your furniture from damage but also provide versatility to interior design.

Fabric Protection

Furniture care and maintenance

For fabric on your furniture, invest regularly in fabric-protecting sprays or chemicals. This small spending will save you from the eventual huge costs of replacing furniture items. The fabric protectors can protect the fabric from damage and maintain its colours and vibrancy. Moreover, for budget-friendly fabric protection, add a layer of protective coverings of your required fabric and colour options on your fabric that you can change now and then.

Regular Polishing

The Furniture Care and maintenance tips include regular polishing as an integral step. Regularly polishing your wooden surfaces with appropriate polish can increase longevity. The glistening of wooden furniture will remain forever if you use a furniture polish according to your furniture type. Take a soft cloth, damp in polish, and apply it evenly on the surface. This way you can revive the look of your home on your own or you can take professional help.

Keep away from humidity

Humidity is the biggest threat to your furniture, whether it is wooden or metal. It can lead to rusting, swelling or mould growth that can lead to damage and loss of functionality of furniture pieces. If you have moisture seeping into your walls, keep your wooden furniture items like beds, tables, sofas, etc away from walls. Also, you can install dehumidifiers in corners that have high moisture.

Choose Regular Repairing

If your furniture is still under warranty by the furniture store, you should go for the after-sales services for repair and maintenance. However, if there are any minor issues like scratches or loosened screws, take repair help from professionals. If you keep a blind eye to these minor issues, they may lead to serious problems that will cost higher than you expected.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

All reputable furniture brands in Pakistan offer care and maintenance tips to customers along with the products. So, stay in touch with the user manual about the regular use, cleaning, and maintenance of the furniture. Always follow what your manufacturer has recommended to increase the durability of your furniture.


Furniture is an integral part of your family and it requires ultimate care and maintenance all the time. A little negligence can harm the beauty and functionality of your interior. So, you should know about all the furniture care and maintenance tips that your house deserves. You can also buy regular dusting, polishing, following the manufacturer’s guide, using protective covers and more. These little habits will increase the integrity and save you huge costs on repair and replacement of furniture. Along with saving costs, these tips will also keep your home tidy and visually aesthetic in all seasons.

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