French journalist Paul Comiti’s documentary exposes genocide of Kashmiris by Indian forces

NewsFrench journalist Paul Comiti's documentary exposes genocide of Kashmiris by Indian forces

The French journalist Paul Comiti has released his documentary titled “Cachemire: la guerre sur le toit du monde du dimanche” (Kashmir: The War on the Roof of the World), exposing the massive genocide of the Kashmiris by the Indian forces in the Occupied Valley.

1 hour and 18 minutes long documentary overview:

  • Very strong images of the usage of pellet guns (stills of the injuries, X-rays, blinded Kashmiris etc…)
  • A concrete case shown of an adolescent shot with a pellet gun by Indian forces (unfortunately handicapped for life). Lead shots in lungs, kidney and liver… The doctors can’t take them out because of the minute nature of these shots.
  • The Indian soldiers are seen holding the pellet guns and tension prevailing in the environment.
  • The documentary shows a “surveillance society” with cameras, drones etc. filming crowds, demonstrations as well as funerals. Large paramilitary forces everywhere.
  • The documentary managed to show (and interview) the famous Kashmiri guy strapped to Indian paramilitary jeep.
  • The documentary shows young boys…all of whom want to become freedom fighters. They are all motivated to pursue their rights of self-determination as per UN
  • The funeral of a young man…wrapped in Pakistani flag – all Kashmiris chanting slogans for freedom
  • The filming team shows how Indian secret services follow them and how the director Paul Comiti is arrested.
  • The team returns to Pakistan after arrest by India. The documentary calls it an “Operation Communication” from the Pakistan as they were allowed to continue filming in Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  • The Army team takes the team to FATA (Miranshah) and shows them around the area, especially the captured command center of Taliban in that area. The point is to show that Taliban are no more on Pakistan soil to do anything in IoK. All hideouts have been successfully eliminated.
  • The documentary moves on to LoC (Poonch sector) and shows a 14 year old girl injured by Indian machine gun fire. The young girl later dies of her injuries. We see her parents later on. Mentions indiscriminate firing from IoK side towards Azad Kashmir
  • Some touching scenes showing the fresh grave of the dead adolescent.
  • Shows a local girls school totally destroyed by Indian artillery. But teacher and girls still motivated
  • The documentary moves on to Wagah ceremony (from Attari Indian side).
  • Finally there is an interview of Happymon Jacob, a frequent visitor of SciencesPo Paris and local correspondent of the French academic Jaffrelot. He refuses to take Kashmir as a religious struggle. Claims also that his PM Modi likes “spectacles” and this issue requires a long period of negotiations as well as diplomacy and that this won’t happen with Modi government.
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