Former Chief of Army Staff Gen Musharraf is a professional politician and owns Rs.645 million

ISLAMABAD: Former President Pervez Musharraf owns over Rs.645 million  assets.

According to details provided by Musharraf to the Election Commission of Pakistan, he also has a debt of eight million rupees.
According to the details uploaded on the ECP web site, Pervez Musharraf is a candidate from NA-48, Islamabad, he is resident of Park Road, Islamabad, passed M.A and his profession is politics.

There are three cases under hearing in courts against Pervez Musharraf, it has been mentioned in the nomination papers.

His current assets are worth 645,011,465 rupees and last year his assets were 516, 090, 172 rupees. He has two million rupees’ shares in a private bank and five million rupees in his bank account.

The furniture being used by Pervez Musharraf is worth six million rupees and his wife, Sehba Musharraf, has 1.7 kgs of gold.

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