FM Bilawal Bhutto launches Share Pakistan Portal

Foreign OfficeFM Bilawal Bhutto launches Share Pakistan Portal

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Wednesday launched the Share Pakistan Portal in Islamabad, aiming at to make the structure and function of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its missions abroad more robust, modern and dynamic.

In his address, the foreign minister assured to better equip the diplomatic services to respond to new realities and challenges of modern world.

Bilawal Bhutto said that Pakistan’s able diplomats remain our most valuable asset.

The following are full remarks by the Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari at the Launching of Share Pakistan Portal;

“Ladies and Gentlemen!! Assalam-ul-Alaikum.

Since, I assumed office as the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, we realized that our management was in a dire need of paradigm shift. In order to remain relevant, agile and responsive to the needs of our constituencies at home and aboard, we need major transformative projects to reform our management structure.

We have shared ‘Foreign Minister’s Change Management Initiative’ as a commitment to improving the Ministry’s ability to effectively deliver on its mandates through managements reforms. In this regard, I have commissioned a team of experts from my Office as well as from all the work streams within the MoFA and our Missions abroad to brainstorm on a number of reforms in the diverse functions, including Human Resources, Finance, Logistics, Communication, Counselor, Protocol and Community Services, for digitalization and simplifying, rules, policies and procedures.

My ‘Change Management Initiative’ would be aimed at building a culture of work that is focused more on results and enhanced productivity, value innovation, and bringing decision making closer to the point of delivery. At the centre of this all, our workforce, Pakistan’s able diplomats remain our most valuable asset.

 I look forward to launching a comprehensive report on ‘Change Management Initiative’ that will further address, transforming our diplomatic service that will be better equipped to respond to the new realities and challenges of the modern world.

An important Pillar of my ‘Change Management Initiative’ would be seamless communication between the Ministry and our diplomatic Missions abroad. In this regard, today I am delighted to inaugurate the “Share Pakistan” portal developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with NITB.

 The Share Pakistan Portal will serve as digital repository of outreach and public diplomacy activities undertaken by our Missions abroad. With this online standardized information system we would be able to collect measure and communicate the impact of public diplomacy initiatives in pursuance of Pakistani foreign policy objectives.

 Share Pakistan is the first project to be launched under this initiative and will serve as a vehicle for targeted communication and information exchange. It is designed to simplify communication and sharing of information both horizontally and vertically in the public diplomacy domain between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic posts abroad.

This Portal will bring efficiency and transparency in our various public diplomacy initiatives as we add a standardized assessment tool of the qualitative and quantitative impact of public programmes across all Missions abroad.

Going digital is no longer optional and by launching Share Pakistan globally this Ministry is also stepping into the latest trends. This paperless digital tool is the first portal launch covering the integration of digital technologies in both our public diplomacy strategic outreach efforts and institution. It will be used in diplomacy for outreach decision support, drafting strategic communication, translating foreign policy, and analysis of latest trends.

I believe that this digital tool can serve as model for future projects for Useful and effective communication between the Ministry and its missions. We hope to thus transform the work culture of the Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Government of Pakistan.

We also hope this portal will be the first step to simplification of communication systems and IT based solutions in the engagement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with other government departments and facilitate inter-department coordination.

I am grateful to the support of NITB and the Ministry of Information Technology for partnering with Mofa in developing the “Share Pakistan” portal so that our public diplomacy activities have greater visibility and achieve desired foreign policy goals.

I congratulate the Spokesperson’s office and the Strategic Commutations team on the successful launch of this portal.

 Let’s launch Share Pakistan!”

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