Five-year training program devised for teachers in Punjab

LAHORE, Pakistan: The Punjab government has devised a five-year plan under which all school teachers will have to go through the 200-day training program within the prescribed period.

As per the plan, 40-day training will be imparted to 3,80,000 primary, middle and high school teachers of all categories in Punjab province within a year.

Teachers will be imparted 30-day training during summer holidays while each month, one day will also be allocated for teachers’ training as well, the Daily Express reported.

The daily reported that overall all teachers will need to undergo 200 days training in five years and on the completion of five-year training program, a test will be conducted of all trained teachers. Those teachers, who will pass the test, will be awarded “Teachers License”, and their future promotions and scales will be announced accordingly.

However if any teacher will fail the test or won’t attend the training program, his/her promotion will be halted.

In addition, bio-metric machines will also be set up in training centres to monitor teachers’ attendance. If any teacher is found with less attendance, his/her promotion will also be ceased.

But it is pertinent to mention here that teachers’ organizations have rejected the five-year training program.