Rule of Law must be prevailed, says Imran Khan

The first address of Prime Minister Imran Khan to the nation


Islamabad, Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan in his first address to the nation has said that nation has high expectation from his government and he would not let nation the down and will work day and night to provide justice and a better life to people of Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated on Sunday that he would get guidance from the model of  ‘Madina State’ while ruling the country for next five years.

Prime Minister Imran Khan covered a host of issues from domestic to foreign policy and also vowed that his government would never resort to political victimization against his opponents. Talking about the foreign policy of his government, he stated that he would have cordial relations with all neighbors.

Equality and Justice

He said that we have developed a new social state based on equality, justice, and dignity. Prime Minister Imran Khan also said he would endeavor his best to reform the institutions, and collect taxes. PM Imran Khan said no one would be above the all in the country, and whosoever got caught while being involved in corrupt practices, would be brought to justice. Imran Khan on Thursday pledged to follow a role model of ‘Madina State’ while ruling the Country for next five years


Human Resource Development

He stated that Pakistan was (is) in the trap of foreign loans and resources are being spent on debt retirement while the state is not spending anything on human resource development. He was of the view that his government will work to provide better life to common man. Showing an MRI print of two brains of children, he explained that malnutrition was one of the main reasons that brains of our children are (were) not developing like normal human beings.

Cut on Establishment Expenditures

He explained how much expenditures were spent as establishment expenditures (charges) in the country and prime minister house have over 550 servants, hundreds of bulletproof cars and millions are being spent on leisure life of the ruling elite. “Our commissioners and DC’s live in massive houses. On one side a nation is underprivileged; who can’t even spend on their people. On the other side ruling class lives like the colonialists even after we have become free'” expressed PM Imran Khan.

Change in Life Style is Needed

Prime Minister Imran Khan warned that we (Nation) have to change our thinking and our living standards otherwise it would be too late to manage the situation. He was of the view that the nation must think about poor people who have no resources for eating food and sending their children to schools.

“I am showing you today where we stand. We have two routes ahead of us. One is where we stand today. We have no money for our children, no justice for our farmers, we can not give our children clean drinking water,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He stated that he did not enter politics to make a career but he took the path of politics to make Pakistan a better place for poor and the rich and it is (was) possible when here (Pakistan) would rule of law and law would be same for poor and the rich, powerful and the powerless. He stated that education is (was) the tool of prosperity and progress and his government would provide maximum opportunities to every Pakistani to get standard education.

Model of Madina State

Talking about Madina State, he stated that meritocracy must be followed as it was followed in the state of Madina where everybody was answerable to the public. He stated that he would take only two servants and two cars and a complete fleet of PM House vehicles would be auctioned soon and money would deposit the treasury account (government account).

Foreign Loans

Talking about foreign loans, he said that when a nation took loans, it compromised its sovereignty and independence and begging for loans would also compromise national integrity. He stated that he would not find more foreign loans. He stated that only 800,000 people were giving taxes out of 220 million people and the country could not run in such a situation. He stated that he would revamp the tax system in the country.

“When a country goes out with a begging bowl for money, the entire country’s respect diminishes. The world respects a nation that respects itself,”, I commented. He stated that Pakistan has to (had to) increase exports because the country has become an imported oriented country. He was of the view that incentives would be provided for cottage industries and embassies would have to work to enhance exports. Prime Minister Imran Khan was of the view that he would direct embassies of Pakistan to provide legal support to those Pakistanis who are in jails abroad and nobody was helping them.

A Way to Collect Foreign Exchange

He requested overseas Pakistanis to help their country and send foreign exchange through banks to Pakistan.

Overhauling of Justice System

He stated that corruption was eating out resources of the country. He said that he would talk to Chief Justice of Pakistan to device a system where widows and poor people could get justice in minimum span of time. He talked about Police Reforms and said that he would try to introduce reforms in provinces after consulting with provincial governments. “I want to appeal to the Chief Justice that there are many widows whose land has been grabbed; they have been struggling for their cases for years so I would request for speedy justice and resolution for each one of them'” said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Health and Education Refroms

He said that Task Force would work to look after health services and Health Card would be introduced for everybody by offering Health Insurance. Talking about water scarcity, he was of the view that the nation has to save water and dam would be inevitable and construction of Basha Dam would be a top priority for his government.

Agriculture Reforms

Government would also help farmers to keep an eye on the cost of inputs. He stated that agriculture research would be a priority of his government. He stated that Civil Service

Reforms in Civil Service Structure

Reforms are (were) inevitable and Dr. Ishrat would work to reintroduce merit in Civil Service. He stated that service structure collapsed due to political involvement in civil service. He asked Civil Servants to respect the public and the government would respect them(Civil Servants).

” I convey my message to all Civil Servants to treat the poor respectfully, it is their right to be dignified. We shall give a bonus to the Civil Servants who would support the layman and respect him and penalize who goes against it,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Introduction of New Local Bodies System

He also said that his government would introduce new local bodies system and development works would be executed by local government system and members of parliaments would have no intervention in development works in their respective constituencies. He said that the tourism industry would be given priority in his country and beaches would be developed and four news touristic resorts would be initiated this year in KPK. He said that his government would concentrate on Balochistan issue and South of Punjab would become a province soon.

The State Run Television top team headed by Secretary Information who is also Managing Director of PTV recorded seamless recording of Prime Minister first speech. According to available information, Prime Minister Imran Khan recorded his speech without any cut and in on-go. It is pertinent to mention that his speech was extempore and without reading notes and reading from written speech.

Team of state run television (Pakistan Television Corporation) with Prime Minister Imran Khan. Managing Director Ahmed Nawaz Sukhaira, Deputy Managing Director Zahoor Barlas, Director Current Affairs Rifat Nazir, GM Raja Musadaq, Rasheed Khan Niazi, Shahid Ghakar along with their team members. Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation first time on Sunday after assuming his office.
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