Find Lost Mobile in Pakistan With Punjab Police’s eGadget App

Find lost mobile in Pakistan


Are you worried about your mobile phone getting lost or stolen? So there is no need to worry, just take a deep breath. Because the Punjab police have instructed a smartphone application with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). You can use this app to trace the location of stolen mobile phones, and restrict their resales. The Lahore police created the e-Gadget app to monitor stolen or lost mobiles. In case of mobile theft, the app will automatically send a notification to the Punjab police. So that they can find your lost mobile in Pakistan and will trace its location.

Availability of the app

Find lost mobile in Pakistan

 If you want to enjoy this app you have to download this app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This app is available on both Android and iOS mobiles.  Retailers of mobile phones will be able to book via the e-Gadget app. He will enter each unit’s IMEI number to generate a list of stolen mobile. It would essentially create a principle database for smartphones. 

The App Launch

Find lost mobile in Pakistan

The DIG Investigations Lahore office was the venue for the app launch. Chief Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) BA Nasir. attended this launch. Other senior police officers, officers, stakeholders, and media partners were also present. 

On that occasion DIG, Punjab Inam Wajid said, “smartphone businesses will be able to save IMEIs of sold phones on the application, which would essentially create a principle database for smartphones. If a phone is stolen, the police will automatically gain access to the database through the application and track its whereabouts, further increasing the possibility of recovering the device in a short period. Customers who’re in the market for purchasing a smartphone would be able to check whether the device is stolen.” 

This app is available in overall Pakistan and is going to be beneficial to all Pakistani. Now we can easily find lost Mobile in Pakistan.


Duaa Naeem
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