Feroze Khan faces backlash for starting legal action against celebs, leaking stars’ personal details online

Showbiz PakistanFeroze Khan faces backlash for starting legal action against celebs, leaking stars'...

Pakistani heartthrob star Feroze Khan parted ways with his former wife a couple of months ago. However, the Khaani star continued to make headlines after being isolated amid domestic violence allegations.

Lately, the 32-year-old shocked the world as he initiated legal action against co-workers who remained vocal in support of his former wife, Aliza Sultan.

On Tuesday, Khan took to Twitter, sharing an update that he sent defamation notices to several fellow artists for levelling ‘false allegations against him.


Besides suing showbiz fraternity members in the local court, the actor also shared a picture of a legal notice carrying the contact number of showbiz stars on social sites, which prompted intense action from actors who now comes openly and accused him of his ‘wild behaviour’.



Soon after Feroze proceeded legal action against fellow stars, a picture also started doing rounds on the internet, showing the lists the names and numbers details. It includes the personal information of his former wife, Syeda Aliza Fatima Sultan, controversial director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, singer Asim Azhar, and actors including Minal Khan, Aiman Khan, Sarwat Gillani, Yasir Hussain, Farhan Saeed, Osman Khalid Butt, and Mira Sethi.

Sparks backlash from celebs

Meesha Shafi   

As the word got out, celebrities reacted to the development. Singer Meesha Shafi took to Instagram, sharing two cents on Feroze about the notice and mentioned Masaddik Malik and Aiman Khan, saying they do not need to worry about it.

She said, “Having suffered the most mala fide defamation case, I just want to tell anyone who might be stressing out because of this stupid case that he’s going to lose in every way in the end.”

Shafi, who remained involved in a legal tussle with Ali Zafar, also mentioned that Karma is honest. “All my solidarity with every one of you, especially Alizeh.”

Yasir Hussain

Controversial star Yasir Hussain also vented anger at Feroze Khan, as he called the latter a stupid man.

In a social media post, the actor shared screengrabs, sharing his ordeal after receiving messages from unknown numbers.

In a story, the Begum Badshah star said, “a stupid man first hits his wife and then publicly shares our numbers online. Due to this, a child has constantly been messaging me to cast him in dramas. Otherwise, he’s threatening me to give him Rs100,000,” detailed the Badshah Begum star while further asking his followers for advice, “Please tell me, what should I do?”

Sarwat Gilani

Lollywood diva Sarwat Gillani also slammed the Khuda Aur Muhabbat star for publicly sharing club details. In a social media post, the 40-year-old shared snaps of receiving countless spam call from different numbers.

The Churrails stars said, “It is bizarre and despicable that private information, including phone numbers of various famous individuals, has been publicly shared on the absurd pretext of issuing a legal notice to them by Feroze Khan. Not only are such actions illegal, but also demonstrate the lack of maturity to handle matters in a civilised way.”

Fahad Mirza

Sarwat Gilani’s husband, Fahad Mirza, also took to social media Khan, labelling Feroze as a ‘moron of the highest order.’

Fahad called Feroze very vengeful and stupid for adding the personal numbers of all those actors and then making it public. “After this knee-jerk response, he has proven that he is a moron of the highest order, and I am sure whatever his wife says about him must be true,” Mirza said, venting his anger.


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