Faysal Quraishi’s Jeet Ka Dum Impresses Viewers!

LAHORE, Pakistan: Any project that actor Faysal Quraishi associates himself with tends to generate a lot of expectations, and his recent tie-up with Pakistan’s largest TV network HUM for a gameshow, Jeet Ka Dum, was one of the most exciting collaborations of the year. Prior to the airing of Jeet Ka Dum, it was predicted that the show would start off on a good note and see a gradual rise in its popularity owing to (an expected) good word of mouth. This is exactly how it unfolded for the heavily publicized TV show. The smart marketing strategy helped create a lot of buzz, and by the time the show hit TV screens, its target audience had been pumped up enough, to want to watch it.


The very first episode of Jeet Ka Dum, which aired on 7th February, 2015, got the audience hooked, owing largely to Faysal Quraishi’s effortless hosting, powerful on-screen presence and charming persona. Staying clear of any attention seeking stunts during the show, Faysal kept his hosting very natural and straightforward. The first episode got social media buzzing, with his fans sending numerous messages requesting for passes to the show.

Speaking about the amazing response and comparisons being made of Jeet Ka Dum to other reality shows which have or are airing on TV at present, Faysal states: “The response in unbelievable! I am receiving thousands of requests for passes to the game show on social media and

via calls. I even had to change my number to avoid such requests *laughs*. I am overwhelmed by the love, but my fans need to understand that there is a certain procedure to follow in order to avoid any sort of favoritism. We cannot simply hand the passes out.

As for comparison to other game shows, I’d like to start off by saying that the pioneer of game shows was undoubtedly Tariq Aziz Saab and I have immense respect for him. Such shows are a wonderful platform to help spread happiness in an average person’s life. Comparisons are unnecessary, and we should instead focus on helping our industry get bigger and better”.

Jeet Ka Dum welcomes family participation and is focused towards bringing something new to the genre of family game shows. Every prize, no matter how big or small it may be, has to be earned. Whether it is a question that challenges a participant’s intelligence or a game that tests his/her dexterity, it’s the effort they put in that will win them a prize.

Jeet Ka Dum airs every Thursday and Saturday at 9:10 pm [Pakistan time], on HUM TV.

Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
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