Fatima Sohail Says that the leaked video is not her’s


“Download Fatima Sohail Leaked Tape” remained one of the most searched keywords on search engines and social media in the past few hours. However, according to the the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), it wasn’t Fatima Sohail having been seen in a compromising position in the leaked video.

Fatima Sohail and the Leaked tape

The story was unfolded when the actor Fatima Sohail approached the FIA to pursue action against the tape that went viral on different social media claiming to Fatima’s video.

Fatima Sohail Leaked Tape

Fatima Sohail Leaked Tape

However, the FIA has clarified that the person in question is not Fatima Sohail and someone is trying to malign the actor’s image. After the statement, Fatima Sohail also known as Fatima Naqvi spoke out to her fans on Instagram and praised the government’s institution in a positive way.

Fatima and Mohsin Abbas Haider

For those who are not aware of the connection between Mohsin Abbas and Fatima, let us give you a little insight that they were once married and got divorced recently. Both were working for the famous show Mazaaqrat where they met and got married.

But later on, their marriage couldn’t work and they got divorced which ruined the career of Mohsin Abbas Haider. Mohsin was tagged as a controversial personality when the actor is question opened up about the domestic abuse and the issues in her marriage. Since then, Mohsin had been missing from the spotlight.

While the couple got divorced, the media industry had a split opinion about both of the actors out of which few supported Mohsin and few advocated for Fatima. Mohsin had been missing out on the limelight but recently he signed up with Patari for a new music video over which a lot of Patari fans were disappointed. It would be important to mention that Mohsin Abbas denied all the acquisition against domestic abuse.

Fatima Sohail Leaked Tape

The artist is thankful to the FIA for clarifying and clearing out the air that the person in question was not Fatima Sohail. The actor further stated that someone is trying to destroy her image.

Recently leaked tapes of Rabi Peerzada and Smara Chaudry

The conclusion is that Pakistani is becoming a wild west since 2 tapes got out in the previous month capturing  Rabi Peerzada and some new model namely Samara Chaudry.

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