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STORY: Superstar Aryan moves Gaurav, his fan who assaults anybody assaulting his golden calf. However, what happens when Aryan himself rejects Gaurav – does Gaurav stay Aryan’s venerating fan?

Audit: Straight away, nobody does freaky with more pizazz than Shah Rukh Khan – and Fan demonstrates this. The motion picture takes you right back to the 1990s when Shah Rukh raged Bollywood with a stammer, a sulk and hooded eyes that took a gander at the world with scorn. In those days, Shah Rukh excited with his blend of unpredictability and powerlessness – in Fan, he does it once more.fan-story_647_110615112549

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Hotshot Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh) is coming up short on steam – yet, his committed Delhi fan Gaurav (Shah Rukh) won’t hear a word against him. Gaurav reveres Aryan, mirroring him in his “clony” rivalries, needing five minutes to meet his star.

Rather, Gaurav meets – and beats – Sid Kapoor, Aryan’s opponent. Aryan isn’t enchanted. He gets Gaurav whipped, asking coldly, ‘Mein tumhe paanch second bhi kyun dun?’ As Aryan leaves Gaurav detained, crushed Gaurav guarantees that one day, Aryan will pursue Gaurav – in light of the fact that ‘asli dramatization toh abdominal muscle shuru hua hai’.

Before long, Aryan finds a faker taking prisoners and attacking young ladies. Indeed, even as Aryan tries persuading police and open it’s not him, another “Aryan” enters his own home, meeting his wife (Waluscha) and children – in what capacity will this freaky go head to head end?

Fan is Shah Rukh Khan’s triumph the distance. He pulls off an astoundingly emotional twofold act, adjusting his look, feel and force, yet as Gaurav, Shah Rukh makes you overlook everything – with the exception of feeling frightened. With buck teeth, stammering in scurry, yelling with dismissal, holding Aryan’s girl rather close, Gaurav obscurely irritates. Shah Rukh diagrams Gaurav’s crumbling, from a chipper, ungainly Delhi ‘launda’, with a pound on ‘Miss BPO’ Neha (Shriya), to a tenacious stalker who consummates Aryan’s certainty – till the exterior breaks.

The story is forefront and settings sharp (at a mogul wedding, the host hollers at Aryan for being late to move) with shrewd subtle elements – Sid Kapoor can’t read Gaurav’s note as, ‘It’s in Hindi, man!” while Gaurav, notwithstanding receiving Aryan’s swag, eats ‘wegetable sandwich’ abroad.

Nearby, Maneesh Sharma portrays Delhi, where warmth and dust, savagery and need, make tempers blast in an exceptionally specific Dilli ki garmi. Shah Rukh catches this anger with incongruity and sympathy – he is, as he pleasantly puts it, mind-impacting.

The activity’s grand however extends while the naivete of Gaurav’s guardians (Deepika and Yogendra), unconscious of their just tyke’s emotions, appears to be somewhat amazing. Yet, finishing with a Baazigar-esque turn, Fan makes you feel Darr once more.

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