Falak Shabir’s Savage Reply to a Troll is Catching Attention

The Saajna singer leaves a savage reply to a troll on his recently uploaded Instagram video. Check it out below!

The singing sensation of Pakistan Falak Shabir tied the knot last year with the emerging acting talent Sara Khan. The beloved couple did not hesitate to share their happy moments with fans across the globe through social media. While many shared love and prayers for the two, some of the fans also criticized the overwhelming posts shared by either on their social media accounts. Recently, Falak Shabir’s savage reply to a troll is taking everyone’s attention on the internet.


Falak Shabir's Savage Reply

Falak Shabir’s Savage Reply

The singer uploaded a video on his Instagram to which a troll expressed to “stop showing off” his love for wife Sara Khan. It seems like the talented singer has had it with the trolls and decided to draw a line for those who try to poke noses in someone’s personal life.

His latest Instagram video shows him holding a rose and walking towards the camera with a caption that reads “Coming to you my queen”. While many appreciated and adored his act for having a loving attitude towards his wife, a fan chose to disagree and share a blunt thought in the comments.

Falak Shabir's Savage Reply

The troll wrote, “They need to stop this drama every day Tauba.”

The singer wasted no time but decided to let his silence break leaving a savage reply, “Get lost from here”.

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Was it Rude?

As a celebrity and globally known artist, many believe that he should have not stated a rude comment asking the troll to get lost. However, others showed support for the singer’s reply as they thought the troll was rather “jealous” and “poking their nose in other people’s lives”.

While this may be true, we cannot help but agree with the fact that even celebrities have a personal life and they have a right to like or dislike a certain behavior expressed by fans over social media. Falak Shabir’s savage reply received mixed reviews from the fans. However, the message that he wanted to convey was simple, to mind one’s own business.

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