Faithful during Ramazan relying on modern technologies

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: With the induction of modern ways of communication, faithful during the holy month of Ramazan have started relying on alarm clocks and mobile phone alarms.

Till two decades ago, most of the people used to get up in the Sehri by the loud beats of drums but with the arrival of modern technology the trend is witnessing a decline.

Citizens commented that with the modern ways of communication in the society, this beautiful custom had almost vanished from urban areas. However, the charm of this cultural tradition is still alive in some rural areas.

The mobile phone now plays a larger more important role in our lives, evolving from simple communication, handsets now provide us a wealth of information on the go, schedule our social occasions and, as we found for many, simply ensure we get out of bed each morning.

“People rely on the melodious tones of their mobile phones to wake them up for sehri” Kashif Rao a citizen says.

“I used to get up for Sehri at the sound of the drums in the streets of my village when I was a child. Those drums are now no more, just like those times, replaced by fancy tones of inanimate cell phones,” said a senior citizen.

The drummer tradition has come to an end as people now wait instead for sirens, and broadcast azan and use electronics for alarms.

It goes back to times when there were no loudspeakers and no alarm clocks for people to rely on. Shortly before Fajr prayers, the drummers, also known as dholchis, walk about in the streets beating the drums and shouting and calling the people to wake up and prepare for a fast.

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They were respected as pious people doing a job to receive God’s blessing.

But with advancements in technology, many of the traditional drummers believe they are not wanted any longer.


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