Fairy Meadows Camping | Tips and Tour Guide

Fairy Meadows camping

All people of Pakistan love to spend their vacations in northern areas of Pakistan. Anyhow it’s summer or winter vacations, they always love to go to the northern areas. The northern part of Pakistan is very beautiful, our homeland is blessed with beautiful and peaceful places like Naran Kaghan, Hunza, Kashmir, Siri Paye, Sawat and Fairy Meadows, etc. Fairy Meadows, what do we say about this delightful and marvelous place in Northern Pakistan? It is located in the base of Nanga Parbat which is at the height of 8126m. It is the second-highest peak in Pakistan and the 9th highest peak in the world. Fairy Meadows camping will lead to the heart of bizarre yet attractive Northern Pakistan as it is one of the best camping sites in Pakistan.

Why is it Called Fairy Meadows?

Fairy Meadows camping

Fairy Meadows is also called the “Heaven On Earth” because of its incomparable, and unforgettable beauty. An Australian climber named Herman Bhul named this place as Fairy Meadows, he went there to climb the Nanga Parbat peak. He became the first man to summit the mountain. He named the place Fairy Meadows because of its incompatible beauty. 

A famous Japanese photographer, Fujita Heroki named the area in front of Fairy Meadows as Fairy Mahal.

The Fairy Meadows cottages are located at an 8-minute hike from the main village and other tourist resorts with its breathtakingly great Nanga Parbat’s natural view. 

Best Time For Fairy Meadows Camping

Fairy Meadows camping

The best time for the lush green Fairy Meadows camping is winter, when you reach the Fairy Meadows after a pretty long and exhausting journey you will observe the amazement of nature because of the lush green Fairy Meadows Trek and Nanga Parbat base camp are some of the most beautiful sceneries. 

Commercial Area

However, because of its high accessibility, the lush green Fairy Meadows is also a most commercial spot in Pakistan.  

Not just Pakistani people but foreign tourists also come to see the beauty of this incredible place. You can enjoy Fairy Meadows camping in the exotic and beautiful landscape with supple green vegetation all around. The height will make you feel you could feel the heavens right above you. The chilly breeze will go straight from your flesh to your heart in the summer. While the snow-covered peaks in the winters will leave you glaring at them forever.

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