Facts about TTP released video song against Pakistan

Facts about TTP released video song against Pakistan

Frame grabbed from Video
Frame grabbed from Video

Islamabad, Pakistan: Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has released a video on social media to counter song released about Peshawar Army Public School massacre– “Barra Dushman Bana Phirta Hai”.

TTP released video is in Urdu language where children age less than 10 year are carrying AK-47 and marching in a line out of a religious school while abusing Pakistan and Pakistan security forces.

This is 3.02 minute song without music has same pace and style used by TTP for releasing video clips previously about beheading and killing of Pakistani soldiers

Clothing of children indicates that weather of shooting is moderate, much before chilling winter of when Army Public school was attacked in Peshawar on December 16, 2014. There are some shots of children learning Arabic in a religious school. Mountains behind religious school is without any snow confirming that video footage is not fresh because this time Tribal areas and KPK mountains are mostly covered by snow.

Video ends with a node as “Welcome back to school and then there is audio of firing shots  —sending a threatening message to Pakistani children that they would be killed like children of Peshawar army Pubic school if they go to school again. It may be mentioned that patriotic song Pakistan released also ended with this node but in a positive aspect that terrorists cannot stop Pakistani nation to continue their quest for education and knowledge.

Interesting aspect of this video is that when someone browses traffic trend this video, it comes to knowledge that mostly traffic is coming from India as well as Middle Eastern areas.

The logo on this video is in Golden yellow –the colour mostly used by Middle Eastern television in a font similar to used by Al-Jazeera logo because such calligraphy and colour is liked by people of Middle East.

The lyrics of songs indicate a constant fight against Pakistan in future by TTP, sending a message to Pakistani nation that war is not over.

Experts believe that editing of this video is done on high end editing machines that indicates TTP is still having its full fledge multimedia communication facilities or someone sitting outside Pakistan is producing such videos for TTP and uploading it on social media.

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