Facebook Name Change- The Rebranding Story of the Social Media Giant


Facebook name change

Facebook is probably the first social media platform that all of us used for the first time. This is the first name that comes to our mind when we talk about social media. But, it is probable that we will have to say goodbye to the name. Because the rumors are circulation that the owners are planning to bring a Facebook name change. The news is not yet clear and there are no official announcements regarding the topic. 

Facebook Name Change

Facebook name change

The Facebook name change will reflect the metaverse of the company. At the annual Connect Conference on 28th October, Mark Zuckerberg will likely talk about this name change. Probably this name change will bring about more features and we will know Facebook as more than a social media platform. As google created its parent company, Alphabet in 2015, there will also be a parent company for Facebook. This will be an umbrella parent company under which all the social media activities of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Oculus will be handled. The spokesperson of Facebook has not given any official regarding this change. Thus, it could be a rumor or actually a big change ahead. 

Facebook name change

Even the higher officials of the Facebook company are not aware of the Facebook name change. Thus, they are reluctant to talk about it in public. Rumors are circulating taht the new name will likely include the word “Horizon”

Recently, Facebook is accused of leaking users’ personal information. This caused a bad reputation of Facebook because the users have a perception that the company is preferring profits over users’ privacy. The impact of this name change is unchangeable at this point where users are insecure about using the app. 

Hopefully, the name change will come with some changes in the app and some additional features. These additional features will probably divert the attention from the privacy issue to the new features. 

This new name will be a source of rebranding and introducing Facebook as a new app. Facebook is working on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). expectedly, the new changes will likely be related to these features.  

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