Facebook and Apple War Intensifies With a Bonus Program



Facebook is one of the most popular ways to connect with other people, the best means of entertainment, making friends, and a lot more. Now Facebook is coming up with advancements to help content creators avoid paying Apple store fees. Facebook has officially introduced a program to bring more creators in. This bonus program has created a Facebook and Apple war.

Why this Program is Launched?

Facebook launched this unique program to help the creators, this program is a Web source of subscription. This helps the creator to get their fan subscription with the help of Facebook pay. In this situation, the creator can save 30% of the commission which he pays to Apple.  

Post of Mark Zuckerberg

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg made a post (When people subscribe using this link, the creator will keep all the money they earn).


One of the interesting things about this program is that they will pay bonuses to the creator between 5$ to 20$ for every new subscriber they get over every year. But the maximum amount that a content creator can earn is 10,000$ annually.

Facebook said that this bonus program will be available to all 27 markets, where all the subscriptions are available. They also said that this program will be available to everyone as soon as possible.

Facebook and Apple War

Facebook and Apple war

Facebook has a long-term clash with Apple along with their Apple store. The main clash between Apple and Facebook is because of Apple taxes which also a lot of creators hate. Facebook has already made some of the projects to avoid in-app purchases for their product and events. Facebook also mentioned that they will not be taking any of this commission from their creator earnings until 2023.

And also the interesting feature about this program is that the creator can download the list of subscribers, to get the most details.

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