Exclusive Interview with Young & Talented CEO Eye Communication & Digitalk – Kamran Tayyab


1- Tell us about your professional journey. How did Digitalk / Eye Communication become a part of your life?

After completing my MBA, I had always planned to build my own empire. It wouldn’t be wrong in saying that after sheer hard work, struggle and dedication I was able to stand by my word and founded Eye Communication back in 2009 without looking back and later opened another in-house company by the name of Digitalk in 2015. With digital booming across the world, I knew it would be a great future asset to begin when no one had thought of it even and my only aim that still holds today is to provide my clients quality devices with the best rates.

2- You have made quite a big name and built great trust among clients as well as publishers in the world of PR & digital media. Tell us, was Digitalk / Eye Communication a coincidence or a planned initiative?

Without a doubt, both in-house agencies were a mere coincidence but one thing that I did assure whilst starting to run these agencies was to build it on the pillar of honesty and fair play not only for my clients but with the publications I’m working with. This is why I believe that Allah has always held my hand and shown me success in every step of the way.

3- Considering the current pandemic at hand, what is your motto now as a digital media agency while planning out your brands’ media plan?

Due to the pandemic that still lurks between us today, the situation across the world had tumbled and brought out a new normal in an individual’s lifestyle at a 360-degree angle. Apparently, everyone wants everything provided at their doorstep today and in this scenario, digital media is performing key importance. This has surely given a boost to our business as brands immediately shifted towards digital publishers for benefitting their sales and advertising.

4- Talking about digital media, do you think Pakistan as a whole has met international standards by now?

Comparing digital media of Pakistan to international standards, one must accept the fact that we are still not fully grounded with the medium as I feel we are still quite a percentage far from what’s being dealt worldwide. Hence, there is a huge space that needs to be filled when it comes to comparing the medium internationally.

5- How has the pandemic affected your agency? What strategies did you and your team plan to overcome the financial and economic loss faced by many others as well during and after the crisis?

Whenever a crisis like a Coronavirus will strike the world, digital media is that one medium that will maintain its ground and that so with greater interest and profit. As everyone was severely affected by the current pandemic, we managed to survive and plan out better deals and services to provide our clients without downsizing our staff alongside giving benefits to our clients by lowering our rates for all clients onboard with us. With the shift of schooling to grocery shopping online, the rise of digital use and advertising has risen with quite a large impact.

6- How does Eye Communication stand apart from its competitive names in the market? What is your USP?

I purely believe in providing my clients with the best services and lowest rates and with satisfied clients, my agencies have grown only by word of mouth and that has been a great reason to my successful business journey. In fact, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients and publishers for trusting me with their brand and it’s a liable endorsement. This has been an easy go for me as I am Certified in Social Media as well. No, that every client wants to be digitalized, we are trying to give them the guidelines they need to strengthen their reach and audience.

7- What are the major challenges faced by a digital agency like yours and how do you tackle them with your team?

Challenges come and go, but they are always timely, depending on the situation. However, recovery is one of the most regular challenges that we face, and that too I believe is just a clever way of following up with your clients for daily updates.

8- What new ventures are you working on?

We are working to develop our own Digital Blogs on Instagram, Facebook & Website to give complimentary services to our clients – this in itself is a unique service that we’ll be proving under both in-house agencies.

9- What is your style of management?

My style of management always stands by caring for the entire staff, trying to ease them with maximum job security and satisfaction. My team is like my family and not only by words but by heart.

10- What has been the defining point of your life?

Starting my own venture, my own business has been the defining point of my life and Allah has surely blessed me in making my decisions fruitful for me and my current ventures.

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