Everything you need to Know About New Features in iOS 17

TechnologyEverything you need to Know About New Features in iOS 17

new Features in iOS 17

The highly anticipated Worldwide Developer Conference by Apple Company was streamed on 5th June 2023. This Apple Event 2023 brought some significant changes in the technological world of smartphones. It launched the new iOS 17 with the broadest number of changes and new features. Here you will get to know about all the new features in iOS 17.


All the New Features in iOS 17

new Features in iOS 17

In the event, Apple launched its first-ever VR Gear, Vision Zero mixed-reality headset starting at a price of $3,499. Along with these new features in iOS 17 launched at the event has made rounds on the internet by making smartphones more convenient, fun, and interactive for users. Here are some of the features:

Customize What People See When You Call

new Features in iOS 17

Now you can decide what you want to pop up on someone’s screen when you call. You can select ‘contact poster’ which allows you to personalize calls and your appearance on someone else’s phone. So, your friends cannot set ugly photos of you on your contact info.

Live Voicemail

Earlier you could get a transcript of voicemail in Google and IOS at the end of a call. However, the game has changed. Now, you can see the transcript of a voicemail live while they are speaking. It helps the users to see at the exact moment why the other person has called. You can read their voicemail live as you read someone’s message from the notification without them knowing. It is up to you to decide whether you pick up the call if something is important or leave them waiting

All iMessage Apps in one place

You do not need to go through your phone’s home screen or browse through the menu to look for different apps. All your iMessage apps are now one swipe away. Swipe up and you get all apps that you use while iMessaging in one place. Time-saving. Right?

Notify your friends of your Safety

You don’t have to leave your friends panicking by forgetting to send them a ‘reached-home-safety’ text. the new feature in iOS 17 automatically sends a check-in notification to your friends to notify them that you have reached your destination.

Swipe to Reply

Better late than never, iMessage has also received the swipe-to-reply feature. It allows the user to reply to certain texts to make texting more clear and meaningful.

Innovative Way to Share and View Locations

Apple has brought out a new way to share your location from the plus button in your chat. moreover, you also do not need to leave a conversation to track someone’s location. Viewing someone’s location is right in the conversation.

Audio Message Transcription

Struggle with understanding someone’s speech and misinterpret a message? no more struggling because iOs 17 has launched audio message transcription which lets you see the message spoken in voice text.

Create your own Stickers

You can now use your own images to create your stickers rather than stealing from someone else’s collection.

Use Stickers in More places

iOS 17 has introduced a new Sticker drawer on your keyboard which lets you save all your stickers. You can use this sticker drawer anywhere in the documents, pictures or other apps in the App Store.

Record Video and Audio messages When Someone Misses Your Call

Now you can send a video or audio message to someone if they miss your Facetime call. It works just like voicemail, you can send them a message if they are not available to catch up on Facetime at the moment.

React with your hands

Your hand gestures can change the background of your Facetime call. For instance, you can make a heart or anything with your hands and the frame will be covered with hearts, confetti, fireworks and more.

Facetime on Apple TV

Stay connected with people you love or attend important calls on a bigger screen. You can, now, take a call on your Apple TV without tiring your hands to keep the phone steady in one place.


new Features in iOS 17

The Standby feature in iOS 17 makes your phone useful even when it is on charge. You can use the Standy option to display the preferred scene that you want your phone to display while your phone is away on charging. It can do several things like display the time with customizable clock faces, Apple Home controls, the weather, music controls, app smart stacks, and other features.

Live Activities and Siri Results in Full Screen

One of the new features in iOS 17, Apple Standby, lets you watch the live activities or Siri’s results in full screen. You do not need to hold your phone in hand to see the results of Siri. The Standby mode provides a full-screen display of the weather, your Uber order details, your timer, your game score, and more.

Convenient Widgets

iPhones will have new convenient widgets which will let you do things with just one touch. You can switch on/off lights, play music and do more with just one touch.


iPhone namedrop

Namedrop is the latest feature in the Airdrop which lets people share each others’ contact numbers by bringing their phones closer. Bring your iPhone or Apple Watch near someone else’s and share the contact numbers easily along with Contact posters.

Transfer over internet

If you are using Airdrop to send a file to someone, you can bring your phone closer to the others. It will continue to share over the internet even if the phones get away from each other.


Journalling is now easier on your phones with an all-new app. You can add text, images, locations, and more to create a journal full of memories on your phone.

Journal Privacy

One of the new features in iOS 17 is the privacy of the journal. You can set a lock to keep your memories private so no one else can access them except you.

Accurate Autocorrect

A little progress in the autocorrect option of the iPhone. It keeps the autocorrected word underlined for a moment to let the user know what has been changed before sending it.

Inline word predictions

iPhone Keyboard provides a feature of inline prediction while typing to let you complete the sending. You can do so by tapping on the space bar to let autocorrect complete the sentence automatically.

Safari Profile

You can personalize your browsing experience by creating different profiles on Safari. So, your browsing data for your work, study, and personal life can be different with different histories, data, cookies, and extensions.

Enhanced Private Browsing

iOs 17 now lets users have safe private browsing by locking it. So, if a user is not using the private window in the browsing app, the phone locks. It also locks the known trackers to load pages and removes tracking added to URLs.

Autofill Verification Code in Mail

If you ever receive a verification code in your mail you do not have to copy it or remember it to use in other apps. The new system lets the app automatically detect the verification code in the mail and verify your identity. So you do not have to visit your mail to fill in the verification codes.

Password Sharing

The new features in iOs 17 also include password-sharing features. By using this, you can share your passwords or passkey with your trusted contacts. So, in case you forget a password, your trusted contact has you backed up from losing your data.

Play Music Together

Now the music choice doe snot staying one’s hand. All iPhone users can use their equal rights to play the music of their own choice. Therefore, if you are travelling somewhere with your friends, everyone can play songs that they like.

Collaborate on Playlist

This feature will come out later this year. It will let you share a playlist on Apple Music. Your friends can listen to your choice, add theirs, remove, and reorder the collection. Ther is also a reaction feature to let you react to their reaction on your playlist.

Adaptive Audio

While using AirPods Pro 2, iOS 17 lets them blend Transparency and Active Noise Cancellation. Therefore, the sound quality remains perfect and balanced even if the environment changes

Download offline maps

iPhone lets you download offline maps of certain areas so you can navigate your way through those streets while you do not have access to an internet connection

EV routing

Apple Maps have become more advanced by considering electric vehicle routing. It indicates the location of electric vehicle stations along your route so the drivers can recharge on the route.

Siri Activation

Forget saying ‘Hey’ to Siri every time you request her to do something for you. You can activate Siri by only saying ‘Siri’ and she will be at your service.

Visual Lookups

Visual look-up feature helps the users to find out more information by using photos or videos on their phones. For instance, a photo of food? get the recipe of that dish in an instant. Or if you are watching and want to know more about an object, look up its information.

Sensitive Content Protection

the new features in iOS 17 keep communication safe by warning you about sensitive content. It gives the warning to view sensitive messages and blurs the images and videos that might contain something controversial. This feature is available on AirDrop, Contact Posters, Facetime messages, and third-party apps.

More features

There are many other new features in iOS 17 related to Photos, Notes, Reminders, Accessibility, Memoji, PDFs, Fitness, and Apple ID. Overall the new system is a step up in the operating system of iPhones. It will make the smartphone experience even better for users who can find everything just a click away.

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