Everything About TRESemme And Other Shampoos Causing Hair Loss

Recently, I did a complete blog on how TRESemme has been a leading cause of hair damage and loss among girls. The post was done after I went through a lawsuit and multiple community posts where people claimed that they had suffered from severe hair problems because of the products used in the shampoo that was bogus and harmful. Somehow the response and the welling problems we face because of these shampoos, I have decided to do a separate post on some of the most frequently asked questions.


Everything About TRESemme & Other Shampoos Causing Hair Loss

TRESemme Causing Hair Loss!

Let’s get to know everything you want answers to about shampoos that are causing severe hair loss and damage:

Details Of DMDM Hydantoin Hair Loss

The first thing you need to do when you see DMDM as an ingredient in the shampoo while standing in the aisle in a superstore is to run the other way. This ingredient is the main reason for the hair loss and the reason why TRESemme was sued.  DMDM hydantoin is a formaldehyde donor known to slowly leach formaldehyde when encountered with water. The latter is a well-known human carcinogen that can cause cancer and other harmful reactions when absorbed into the skin.

Hence, scalp irritation, hair damage, hair loss, and other scalp issues are the reason for DMDM present in the hair products.

DMDM Hydantoin Lawsuit

TRESemme Causing Hair Loss

A class-action lawsuit was recently filed against Unilever by a client of the Keratin shampoo who after such a long time of hair damage and distress found out that TRESemme contained DMDM. She researched and after a detailed analysis found out that this ingredient was a reason for hair loss. This is why she decided to sue the giant and filed a lawsuit claiming that her damage is compensated monetarily.

No action from Unilever has been taken as a result, and no retaliation has been noticed. The court order is also pending on the matter.

Does TRESemme Shampoo Cause Hair Fall?

It absolutely does! The massive outrage on social media is a big testament to that. Unilever has also been sued recently because of the damage this shampoo has caused to people. The company hasn’t come up with any retaliating answer, but this is the shampoo you can do anything with but put-on hair. Never do that. Throw the bottles out, if you own them!

All About TRESemme Shampoo Hair Loss

Everything About TRESemme & Other Shampoos Causing Hair Loss

I am liking the old post I wrote here so you can know more details about how TRESemme has become a major reason for hair loss for women around the world. As mentioned above, because of DMDM and Unilever failing to mention that it substitutes a major part of this shampoo, many people around the world have suffered from hair issues and massive hair loss.

TRESemme Hair Loss Ingredient

So, to all your questions like what causes TRESemme hair loss? What is the ingredient in TRESemme that causes hair loss? And finally, an ingredient in TRESemme causing hair loss? Here is the answer. Various Formaldehydes are the reason for hair loss. When they get in contact with water, erosion happens that can have disastrous consequences for hair loss. Detailed in quite an explanatory manner above, TRESemme contains DMDM which is the main culprit here. You can easily check it out on the bottle especially the Keratin shampoo.

It has also been alleged that the ingredient was deliberately removed from the shampoo bottles to not cause any consequences.

I hope I answered all your questions regarding TRESemme and the hair loss ingredients it has. If you still have any, feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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