EU clamps more sanctions on Belarus

Monitoring Desk: European Union on December 2, 201 adopted 5th package of sanctions on Belarus over the instrumentalisation of migrants. The news list of sanctions includes 17 individuals and 11 entities.


According to the list, new sanctions target prominent members of the judicial branch, including the Supreme Court, and the State Control Committee and media outlets.

Belavia Airlines, tour operators, and hotels are also included in the list for allegedly inviting and inciting foreigners to reach the Polish-Belarus border for asylum-seeking.

The total number of banned Belarusian individuals is now 183 while 26 entities (business organisations, corporations).

European Union in a statement said that it would not tolerate the orchestrated and politically motivated instrumentalisation of human beings by the Lukashenko regime. “This cynical strategy of exploiting vulnerable people is an abhorrent attempt to deflect attention from the regime’s continued disregard for international law, fundamental freedoms and human rights in Belarus. The EU stands united in facing this challenge and is using all the tools at its disposal to push back against attempts to create a crisis at EU borders. We continue to stand in solidarity with the people of Belarus. This fifth round of sanctions is another example of our determination to act when human rights are violated,” said EU statement.

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