Urwa Hocane Says She’s An Introvert And Was Underconfident Once!

EntertainmentUrwa Hocane Says She’s An Introvert And Was Underconfident Once!

Urwa Hocane Claims She Can Lead A Life Without Enough Money!

Urwa Hocane has a way of hogging the spotlight. Sometimes it is about her controversial statements and the other times it is about her personal life. But, people still want to know about her, her life, and what’s going on behind the scenes. In her recent interview with Mira Sethi on her YouTube show Hello! Mira Sethi Show, she talks a lot about the things he hasn’t spoken about before.

Urwa Hocane Says She’s An Introvert And Was Underconfident Once!

Let’s get to know more about the other side of Urwa through the things she just revealed:

Urwa On Her Comeback

When asked about making a comeback to the Television industry via Mushk, she says that she didn’t go anywhere. Urwa says that she was here even though she wasn’t on the television screen. After Udaari went air, she got busy with her films including Na Maloom Afrad and Main Punjab Nahi Jaungi. After that, she got busy with her debut production film, Tich Button. So, she wasn’t here but was still working on the big screen.

Urwa Hocane Says She’s An Introvert And Was Underconfident Once!

She chose to come back with Guddi in Mushk because it was a very powerful role. She shockingly revealed that she was extremely underconfident about this role and was giving up, but the director constantly backed her up to make it happen.

She Talks About Failing Acting

Urwa also talks about failing acting at the beginning of her career. She revealed that theatre is super close to me because this is what cultivated the love of her acting. She auditioned for theatre before becoming a TV actress and failed multiple times. She worked on multiple behind the scenes roles for the theatre industry before bagging a supporting role which led to her getting a lead later in Islamabad theatre as well.

The actress known for her role as Durdana said that theatre will always be her first love because there is where she started from and she also feels that it is challenging and brings out the right actor from everyone.

Urwa Hocane On Being An Introvert

When Mira Sethi prompted her to talk about the more personal side of life, Urwa revealed that she is an introvert. She likes being alone and in her own shell. She further said that she has not started making efforts to be more talkative and open in public, but this isn’t always the case. On how she is changing herself, she continued:

“At one point in my life, I realized that my being an introvert is now being misunderstood… When you are a quiet and in your own shell kind of a person, sometimes it is misunderstood. People feel that you are not making an effort. Or maybe you are rude or just not interested.”

She said that it was all because she was an introvert, but now that she understands it whenever she meets someone who is the same she is super kind to them.

On Leading A Simple Life

Urwa Hocane is an introvert

When Mira Sethi asked her if Urwa finds herself privileged because she is one of those actresses who do not have to work for money and have the liberty to choose her projects and nitpick them, she said that it is not the case. The former VJ revealed that everyone has their own struggles that people do not know about. But for her, she is someone who cannot do a project that she doesn’t like. Acting is intrinsic for her, and if she doesn’t like the role she cannot do it no matter what.

As far as the money is concerned, if she isn’t doing projects and not accepting that because she doesn’t like the Urwa reveals that she is someone who can easily lead a simple life. When the need is, she will eat simple, won’t go out, and won’t buy stuff. But, when it comes to her work, she will never compromise her heart.

What do you think about this very genuine side of Urwa Hocane that we got to see for the first time? You can watch the full interview at WatchNa official YouTube channel.

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