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best romantic movies on netflix 2023

Out of the chaos of the world, there is a world on Netflix that takes you on the journey of love. The world of Netflix has a long list of romantic movies that bring comfort and cosiness to your life. From the classical die-hard lovers to engaging rom-com plots, there is a lot for the viewers to never get tired of. Get ready to indulge in the list of best romantic movies on Netflix in 2024 to shed a tear for the lovers or find yourself blushing at the cute romance.

Best Romantic Movies on Netflix 2024

2023 has been a year of love and romance on Netflix. So, we have collected a list of the best romantic movies on Netflix released in 2023.

  1. Love Again
  2. Love At First Sight
  3. Through My Window: Across The Sea
  4. A Tourist’s Guide To Love
  5. Make Me Believe
  6. Tu Jhooti Main Makkar
  7. Your Place Or Mine
  8. Choose Love
  9. Happy Ending
  10. Ehrenhard: The Art Of Seduction
  11. Rangabali
  12. The Out-Laws
  13. Love Tactics 2
  14. Happiness For Beginners
  15. Love You Long Time

Love Again

Best romantic movies on Netflix

Love Again is a romantic movie on Netflix that will make you believe that love can happen again. It stars Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan are starring in the lead roles. Love Again centres around the trope of unexpected texting partners to true lovers in real life. After the death of her fiance, Mariah Carey continues to text on his phone number expressing her sorrow and loneliness. Unexpectedly, the messages are received by a stranger who gets to know about her. Fate has plans for Mariah and Rob to come together and texting is just a way to make it work.

Love at First Sight

Best romantic movies on Netflix

“Is it better to have had a good thing and lost it or never to have had it?” Love at First Sight is an interesting rom-com centring around first-sight love and the seek for it again. From the makers of Purple Hearts and To All The Boys I Ever Loved, this movie will surely not disappoint the viewers. It starts as an aeroplane date between the couple who fall in love at first sight during the flight. However, the twist comes when they cannot find each other after landing. Will the love be found? Watch this amazing rom-com on Netflix.

Through My Window: Across the Sea

Best romantic movies on Netflix

Through My Window Part 1 made the romantic movie lovers frenzy with the steamy romance. So, Arez and Raquel have returned in Through My Window: Across The Sea. After heading on with their new lives, the long-distance put their relationship to a test. Maintaining it became tough and new distractions came until they met on a vacation. Amidst flirtation and insecurities, let’s see how do they manage to make things work like before.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love

Best romantic movies on Netflix

After Amanda Riley, unexpectedly, breaks up from her 5-year-long relationship with John, she takes up a task to explore the Vietnamese tourism industry. While on her assignment, she as a travel executive remains undercover to know more about it. Amanda meets an attractive Vietnamese tourist guide who makes her find herself again. However, the plot twists when her ex-boyfriend returns and she finds herself at the crossroads between John and the adventurous tourist’s guide.

Make Me Believe

best rom-coms

Make Me Believe is among the best romantic movies on Netflix in 2023 from Turkey. It is not an accident romantic meet-up at work, school or any random street. Make Me Believe is a grannies’ well-planned plot for their grandchildren’s meet-cute. Embrace yourself with a cute romance between childhood friends. Their meetup as adults reignites their childhood crush and grudges until they truly fall for each other. And the grannies’ plan works out.

Tu Jhooti Main Makkar

Best romantic movies on Netflix

Tu Jhooti Main Makkar is one of the best romantic Indian movies on Netflix in 2023. It’s a love story between Mickey and Tina who are polar opposites than each other. Mickey is a businessman who earns through people’s breakups. However, Tina is an ambitious career-oriented woman who has goals in her life. Their conflicting duo represented by Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor serves good humour and romance for the audience.

Your Place or Mine

Best romantic movies on Netflix

Your Place or Mine is a rom-com addition to the best romantic movies on Netflix 2023. It is a movie about two best friends, Debbie and Peter who know each other yet they are totally opposite. Chances make them swap places with each other. After living their lives differently and still at a long distance, they might start realizing their feelings of love for each other.

Choose Love

Best romantic movies on Netflix

Choose Love is the first interactive rom-com on Netflix which lets the users decide the fate of Cami. Cami is in a happy and thriving relationship with Paul. She has a reputable job. However, something is missing in her life which gets interesting when she finds two other men, Rex and Jack. One of them is a superstar. The other is her first boyfriend. The movie becomes more interesting as Cami’s life choices are in the hands of the viewers at a click away.

The interactive movie becomes even more compelling. Every time you watch it, you get to see something new as there are different choices you make for Cami. Experience something new and take Cami’s life in your hands by watching this interactive movie on Netflix.

Happy Ending

Best romantic movies on Netflix

Happy Ending is one of the best chaotic romantic movies on Netflix which is about Luna and Mink. They are in a loving relationship for a year and a half when Luna feels a lack of spark. Her best friends suggest adding a third partner to bring spice to their relationship. As it works with other people, the idea becomes a horrible decision of their life. It causes their relationship towards falling apart. Watch it to find out how they come to a happy ending.

Ehrengard: The Art Of Seduction

Best romantic movies on Netflix

The movie will take you to the royal courts of Denmark. Here the Danish Duchess appoints a love expert to teach the Crown Prince the Art of Seduction in the need of an heir. When he teaches the Prince about intimacies and the art of love, it results in a child out of wedlock which puts the royal family into problems.

In the meanwhile, the love expert Cazotte finds himself in love with the maid of honour, Ehrengard. While trying to seduce her into his love, he also plans to keep the reputation of the royal family. It is an interesting watch for those who love romance set in the royal era.


Rangabali comes straight from Netflix India from South Indian cinemas. It revolves around the life of a young man from South Indian who is admitted to a medical college in the city. His aim is to take responsibility for his father’s pharmacy. However, he falls in love with a girl in college while he also tackles the typical South Indian action play in his village.

The Out-Laws

best rom-coms

The Out-Laws bring Nina Dobrev straight from The Vampire Diaries into one of the best romantic movies on Netflix. Owen Browning and Parker are in a happy relationship that is soon going to turn into marriage. Owen is a bank manager while Parker’s parents are the secret bank robbers named Ghost Bandits. After meeting Owen, they rob the bank by using him. Upon finding out that they are robbers, Owen joins them in their work. Meanwhile one of their enemies kidnaps Parker. The whole movie is an action, comedy, thriller romance for the entertainment of the viewers.

Love Tactics 2

rom-coms 2023

Love Tactics 2 is one of the best entertaining romantic movies on Netflix released in 2023. It is a Turkish movie as a sequel to Love Tactics 1. The movie is between Asli and Kerem who are in love with each other. However, when Asli shows her thoughts about marriage, Kerem agrees. Asli finds it a threat to her dignity so she goes to use all the tactics to manipulate him to propose to her. Will she be successful or not?

Happiness for Beginners

rom-com 2023

Happiness for Beginners is an amazing rom-com on Netflix released in 2023. It deals with a couple with an age difference. Helen Carpenter signs up for survival training after a year of her divorce in order to unwind her thoughts. During the training program, she meets her younger brother’s best friend, Jake. They get close to each other during the training. In order to reset her life after divorce, she also finds love and happiness. 

Love You Long Time

Best romantic movies on Netflix

Straight from Netflix Philipines, this movie has an interesting meet-cute between teenagers who meet via an old walkie-talkie. The story is about a screenwriter who needs to recover from a heartbreak. The walkie-talkie helps in opening a new chapter of her life to find true love. You can watch this cute romance on Netflix to enjoy their adorable meet-cute at the end.

Watch these suggestions of the best Romantic movies on Netflix that have been released in 2023.

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